World Animal Day - Here are some useful hints and tips for what to do with your pets when going on holiday

When you have pets, planning a holiday requires a lot more thought...

It's exciting thinking in a few months time you’ll be on a white sandy beach, with a cool breeze blowing in your face, forgetting all the stress and work at home. Maybe it’s your first holiday of the year, maybe its your longest! Regardless, your excited and eager for the months to pass so you can escape your daily reality....

Unfortunately those with pets, often overlook their options as to what to do when they are going on holiday. Many people check their beloved pets into kennels or catteries for the period they are away. Now, we all know pets are not humans, but they have feelings, thoughts, fears and emotions too. Just because these are not easily read by us humans (unless of course you’re Cesar Millan), doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider them…

Dogs who are used to being in their homes, with their owners, may be greatly affected if you board them to a kennel. They are used to their daily routines, being around the same people, going for a 7:00 am walk, its their comfort, what they are used to. If you take a dog out of its comfort zone and put it into a whole new routine your dog may become nervous or anxious…

Also, some dogs carry disease microorganisms in their bodies, which can be triggered once the dog has become stressed or depressed. Would you forgive yourself if you boarded your dog, to find that due to depression your dog now has a serious illness?

Whilst kennels and catteries are convenient for us, we need to think of the emotional state we will be leaving our pets in. If you know your pet has a tendency to be nervous, please do not disrupt their daily routines so much, let the pet stay with a well known family friend or family member whom you trust, who can give your pet the proper care and attention they deserve whilst you are away. You're going to be having fun whilst on your holiday, so it should also be as positive of an experience it could be. They will miss you, that's natural, but if they get to visit their house, even stay in their house with someone they know, it might make them feel that little bit more secure, which could stop any depression illnesses arising.

Remember! When going on holiday it’s easy to get caught up and forget about travel insurance, it is important to take out travel insurance to cover you for medical expenses, financial default and other losses whilst away! Travel insurance through Questor Insurance also covers your Cattery and Kennel costs, don’t delay buy today.

Date Created: 04 October 2013

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