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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

No, excess insurance is not compulsory. It is advisable to consider whether you can afford to pay any charges you may be liable for in the event of damage to or theft of the vehicle. By covering your excess with an excess insurance policy, these charges may be reimbursed to you. Excess insurance is there to give you peace of mind that, should an incident occur, you will be covered.

The maximum amount payable in the period of insurance as shown in your certificate of insurance. Once the annual aggregate limit is exhausted this policy is automatically cancelled and you are then liable for all and any future excess payments as defined in your main insurance policy.

Riverside Underwriting Limited are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and compliant with the UK Data Protection Act 2018.

Throughout the process, you should have access to the Insurance Product Information Document and the policy wording. After purchase, you will be emailed a copy of the policy wording and your certificate of insurance.

For any policy amendments or change of details please email or call 0333 323 0090.

The claims process is dependent on the cooperation of the rental company in providing the supporting documentation required for the claim. Please register a claim with Orchard Administration (policies purchased after July 1st 2014) within one calendar month. Once the claim has been registered, please provide the claim handlers with the supporting documentation requested. Once all of the required documents have been provided, the reimbursement is made within 5 working days.

You must notify the claim handlers within one calendar month of the end of the hire agreement. For claims details, please refer to either your policy document or Certificate of Insurance and contact the claims handlers in the time frame specified.

You would need to settle payment with the rental company first, and then claim the reimbursement back through our online claims process. As of the 1st July 2014, our claims are handled by Orchard Administration via their online website. The details of our claim handlers can be located in our policy document on page 4 of the Policy Document and at the bottom of the Certificate of Insurance issued after purchase.

Supporting documentation required during the claims process:

  1. Certificate Number and the Scheme Code both of which are shown on the Certificate of Insurance.
  2. A copy of and proof of purchase of your Hire Agreement.
  3. A copy of the local police report, if required by law in the country where the loss occurs.
  4. Your copy of the Hire Company accident damage report and a photographic picture of the damage caused.
  5. Invoices / Receipts / other documents confirming the amount you have paid in respect of the damage to the Hired Vehicle for which you are seeking reimbursement.
  6. A final repair Invoice from the repairing garage which details the breakdown of parts and labour.
  7. Copy of your credit/debit card statement showing payment of the damages which you are seeking reimbursement.
  8. Copy of the driving licence of the person named on the Hire Agreement in control of the vehicle at the time of the incident.
  9. Your bank details: a. UK Bank – Sort Code and Account Number b. Bank based outside the UK – IBAN and BIC.

A loyalty discount will be applied if you are using the same email address you used when purchasing your previous policy with us, If you find your discount wasn't applied, please email us at It would be useful if you could provide your new and old certificate number in the email as this will ensure a speedy response from the customer service team.

If you have cancelled your policy, a refund should take between 3-5 working days. The premium is refunded back to the card used during purchase.

Your premium will be refunded in full, provided You have not commenced Your Trip, have made or are intending to make a claim. You may be requested to provide documentary evidence in the event that You request to cancel Your policy after Your policy has incepted.

If you have received a payment error notification, you should contact a member of our customer service team by email, live chat or telephone.

Vehicle Hire Insurance Questions

Still cannot find what you were looking for? Feel free to contact us directly.

Protects the excess of the insurance policy you get when you rent or hire a vehicle covered by the policy.

When you rent a vehicle from a car rental company you have a financial liability to the car rental company for the first part of any damage to the vehicle during the hire period, this liability is normally described as the car rental excess. Our policies are designed to cover you for this part of the insurance.

The Daily policy will cover a single rental agreement up to 180 days in length.

The Annual policy will cover unlimited rentals throughout the year subject to each rental being less than 31 days at a time.

Yes, near home rental is included in our policy. You do not need to commence the rental after 150kms of your home address.

The Dual Lead Driver option can allow two lead drivers who are permanently resident at the same address to rent vehicles independently in either of their own names. An additional driver is only covered when they are driving the rental in the name of the lead driver and when named on the rental agreement. Additional drivers are not covered to rent independently in their own name. To confirm if the driver is covered to rent a vehicle in their name, please check if it confirms yes under the Lead Driver section on the Certificate of Insurance.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is offered as an optional extra to increase the amount insured from £10,000 to £75,000. Collision Damage Waiver is a main insurance to cover the full value of the rental vehicle. This can sometimes be included in your rental package by the rental company. You would need to check with the rental company if you are covered under your rental package for Collision Damage Waiver. If this is not included in the rental package, you can add this as an optional extra on our worldwide policy to cover you for up to £75,000 for any damage caused to your hire vehicle.

Most rental companies in Europe include Collision Damage Waiver in their rental package upon hiring the vehicle. However, you would need to check with the rental company as to if this is provided. If the European hire vehicle does not have Collision Damage Waiver included, you would be required to purchase a worldwide policy with Collision Damage Waiver as an optional extra.

Our car hire excess insurance policy would cover cars hired from a car club. Please note that there is no cover where the vehicle has been hired from an individual owner.

The van hire and minibus hire policies can cover rentals for up to 14 days and the motorhome policy can cover rentals of up to 45 days. The rental period must not exceed the maximum amount of days covered. If you intend to have a rental for longer than 14 days or 45 days, you would need to return the hire vehicle and have a new rental agreement in place to be covered. The claim handlers must be able to see that the rental period has not exceeded the maximum amount of days for the type of hire vehicle.

You can have any one hire vehicle for up to 31 days on our standard policy. This is the maximum amount of days for one hire period. However, should you wish to increase the amount of days from 31 to 62, you can purchase the Extended Rental Cover option for an additional premium. This means that you can be covered for up to 62 days for any one rental period. In the event of a claim, the claim handlers must be able to confirm on the rental agreement that the rental has been less than 31 days (on the standard policy) or less than 62 days (with Extended Rental Cover purchased).

The car hire policy covers you for car rentals up to 9 seats. This does not cover you for a van, motorhome or minibus hire. However, we provide separate policies to cover each of these types of hire vehicles. The excess can be covered for up to £2,500 for ANY physical loss or damage to the hire vehicle excluding the interior or any contents.

If you are claiming on our car hire policy, no excess applies under any section. If you are claiming on our van or minibus policies, an excess of £200 will apply under the Excess Reimbursement section. No excess applies if you are claiming under any other sections. If you are claiming on our motorhome policy, an excess of £350 will apply under the Excess Reimbursement section. No excess applies if you are claiming under any other sections.

If you are purchasing a policy using today's date as you are collecting the hire vehicle on the day, please call us on 0333 323 0090. Please confirm to the customer service representative that the hire vehicle has not been collected. We do not allow today's date on our website as the policy must be purchased prior to the collection of the hire vehicle and therefore you would need to call us to arrange. If the hire vehicle has already been collected, we are unable to provide you with a policy to cover your current rental period.

A term and condition of our policy is that the dates on the policy must coincide with the dates on the rental agreement. If the dates on the rental agreement do not match the dates on the policy, you would not be covered for the rental period. If purchasing a policy online, please purchase the policy the day before the rental is due to commence as we do not allow today's date on our website. You would not be covered under this policy if the dates do not coincide, this is regardless of the date of incident or damage.

The dates on the rental agreement must match the dates on the policy. Please contact us on 0333 323 0090 before the policy ends to extend the dates of the policy. If you contact us after the policy has expired, we would be unable to extend the policy and the entire rental period would not be covered.

Driving in a national park is not specifically excluded by our policy as a national park is not classNameed as a safari or adventure trail as per our policy wording. I can confirm that you would be covered for hiring a vehicle and driving through a national park provided that the roads are deemed for public use. The roads you are driving on must be accessible by all types of vehicles. If the road is specifically designed for a certain type of vehicle such as a 4x4, this would not be covered under the terms and conditions of your excess insurance policy. If you are unsure as to if the type of road you are going to be driving on is covered, our customer service team can be contacted via telephone, email or live chat to confirm if your particular route would be covered by your policy.

Please note, if the vehicle is classNameed as a van or minibus, this rental must commence and terminate in the United Kingdom. Our vehicles are classNameified as per the website and are either classNameified as an M1 category for a car or an N1 category for a van.

The premium stated on the certificate of insurance is the full premium for the policy. This premium will not take into account if a discount has reduced the final premium paid.

Our excess insurance policies do not provide cover for mechanical or electrical breakdown. However, if the Battery Failure optional extra has been purchased, you would be covered for replacing the vehicle battery.

You would be covered for towing costs arising from an accident, theft, malicious damage, fire or mechanical breakdown to the nearest premises owned by the Hire Company or the original pick up location whichever is closest.

Our confirmation emails are sent directly from our system to the email address on the account straight after purchase. Please ensure that both your spam and junk folder are checked as our emails can sometimes be received into this inbox depending on your security filter. If the emails have not been received to either your main inbox or your spam/junk folder, please contact us on 0333 323 0090 or

What am I covered for?

Yes! Tyres, windscreens and key cover are all included in our car hire excess insurance policies.

This is a reimbursement insurance which means you have to suffer a loss first, that is, pay the excess / cost for damages to the rental company, then claim back on this policy to reimburse you the costs paid out (up to the cover limit as displayed on your Certificate of Insurance).

This optional extra is available on our annual car hire insurance policies. It extends the maximum length of any one rental from 31 to 62 days

This optional extra will cover you up to the amount stated on your certificate of insurance in the event that the battery of the Hired Vehicle fails and you incur the following charges

  1. Cost of replacing the battery and fitting charges
  2. Your additional travel expenses
  3. The Hire Company providing you with a replacement Hire Vehicle


Any person living in one of the Countries listed below is eligible to purchase this Policy.

  • United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man)
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

For cover to apply, you must be aged 21 or older at the start date of your policy.

You must hold a full and valid internationally recognised driving licence.

Additional drivers can be added to the policy provided a rental has not already been collected where the additional driver has been named on the rental agreement at the beginning of the hire. To add an additional driver, please contact us on either 0333 323 0090 or to confirm your policy details and the name and age of the additional driver. The policyholder can add up to maximum 5 additional drivers at one time. Additional drivers must be named on both the certificate of insurance and the rental agreement to be covered.

Who Do I Claim?

You need to report a claim within 31 days of the incident or accident occurring and can do this in several ways:

Policies purchased on or after 1st July 2014

If your policy was purchased on or after 1st July 2014 please go to the claim administration company Orchard Administration Limited website to submit your claim. You will need your certificate number start C100, C151 or C153 and the Claim Scheme ID which you will find on your certificate of insurance. Orchard's claim system will allow you to submit your claim and monitor progress to obtaining a settlement. If you do not have access to the Internet please call Orchard Administration on 0333 323 0090 (local call rates apply) or +(0)1634 382 574 from outside the UK.

What am I covered for?

Under certain circumstances we cover both cancellations and curtailments. Further information on these circumstances can be found in our policy documents.

There is an excess of varying amounts depending on the level of cover you choose.

Yes, provided that you have purchased the correct policy type to include them and their names are confirmed on your insurance certificate.

The policy does not cover any pre-existing medical conditions. Please refer to the policy wording for full details of what is and is not covered.

The pre-existing medical condition is before travel. If the policy has incepted and anyone named on the policy has been diagnosed with a medical condition, the policy is then void. Our Travel Insurance policy does not respond for anyone with a medical condition regardless of if this had been diagnosed after the inception of the policy.

Our single trip Travel Insurance policy would cover you for up to 180 days in total. The exact dates of the trip must match the dates on the Travel Insurance policy for anyone named on the policy to be covered.

Our annual policy would cover you for trips up to 31 days in length. We would not cover you for holidays longer than 31 days in length.

Eligibility and Destinations

We have European and Worldwide policies; covering everything from day cover to annual cover.

Single Trip Policies:

  • To Purchase a single trip policy you need to be aged 18 and above.
  • If you are not travelling to the USA, Canada or the Caribbean – Under 75 years at the time of purchase of the policy.
  • If you are travelling to the USA, Canada or the Caribbean – Under 66 years at the time of purchase of the policy.

Annual policies:

  • Under 65 years at the time of purchase of the policy.

Backpacker policies:

  • Under 46 years at the time of purchase of the policy.

Motor Excess Insurance Questions

Still cannot find what you were looking for? Feel free to contact us directly.

Excess protection insurance protects the excess on commonly purchased personal insurances. A policy can be purchased to insure the excesses on your car, motorcycle or van providing you with an additional level of protection. Check out ourMotor Excess Protection Insurance policy for more details.

What am I covered for?

Our policy will protect the excess that you are liable for under your main insurance policy, except where the claim was for glass repair or replacement.

The Annual limit is the total amount of excess you can claim back in the 12 months of your policy period. It is an aggregate limit so you may have several claims but once your limit is reached the policy automatically expires.

Depending on the amount in total you wish to have, we offer 3 different Annual Limits:

  1. £350
  2. £750
  3. £1000

Cover will only operate when the excess of the main insurance policy is exceeded following a successful claim payment.

How Do I Claim?

Please contact Orchard Administration to submit a claim.


Contact number: 0333 323 0095

Email address:

You need to provide ONE of the following; either:

  1. A copy of Your Questor Certificate of Insurance
  2. A copy of Your Settlement letter from your insurance company stating the amount settled and the excess deducted
  3. A copy of the Insurance Certificate showing the excess applicable and persons covered for the insurance.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please call

Our operators are available, please contact our UK call centre for assistance

(Calls to 03 numbers cost the same as calls to numbers starting 01 or 02)

0330 094 4330

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