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This insurance is provided by Riverside Underwriting Limited which is registered in the UK, and is underwritten by Fortegra Europe Insurance Company SE (Malta Company Registration Number C 84703).

If you choose the Auto Renew option we will still remind you that your renewal is due and you can opt-out of auto-renewing your policy.

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When your purchase this policy you agree to the following

  • This policy covers the excess on any valid comprehensive motor policy for the vehicle shown.
  • The policyholder is aged 24 or over.
  • The policyholder must be the registered keeper of the vehicle and permanently resident in the UK, Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man.
  • The policy only covers incidents that occurred during the dates shown.

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Policy Type

You can purchase our motor excess insurance as follows: -

  • Private Motor excess for customers aged 24 and over.
  • Private Motor excess for customers aged 21 to 24.
  • Motorcycle Excess for customers aged 24 and over.


The country where you are permanently resident. This is required to ensure that you are eligible to purchase this insurance and for insurance insurance tax calculation.

Vehicle Registration

We undertake a lookup of your vehicle to confirm that we are covering the right make and model. You can only have one policy running at a time for the registration number entered.

Amount of Cover

This is the amount that you can claim in the year. In selecting the the amount of cover you should consider the excess you want to protect on your comprehensive motor insurance.

The amount of cover can be used on more than one claim. For example if you buy £1000 limit and the excess on your motor policy is £750. You can still claim back the unused £250 against the second claim.

Policy Dates

Please select the policy start date. This does not need to be the same as your motor insurance policy start date. The policy will run from midnight on the start date and expire at 23:59 on the expiry date. We will offer you an auto renewal option with the ability to opt-out before the renewal is processed.

Please note that you are only covered for incidents that occur between the policy start and end date.