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Young Drivers Private Motor Excess Insurance

Do you want to protect your excess that you are liable for under your motor insurance? With Questor Insurance you can cover high excesses you may have on your insurance.

What’s included:

  • You can choose from four levels of cover
    • £300, £500, £750 and £1,000
  • Claim your excess back, up to the limit, when you have a claim that exceeds your limit on your insurance
  • Discount for any recommendations or additional policies
  • You will have a straight forward claims process as it will all be manageable online
Young Drivers Excess Insurance

What is an ‘excess’?

An ‘excess’ is the measure of money you pay towards a claim that occurs, you will have to pay this even if you are not to blame for an incident, but this can be recoverable if the third party was at fault. The excess fee that you have to pay out will apply to vehicle repairs taking place after an incident has occurred.

What is ‘Compulsory excess’?

A compulsory excess is a fixed amount fee that is set by your insurance company. The amount can really depend on your age, what type of car you have and the type of claim you are likely to make. The compulsory excess fee can be higher for young drivers aged between 17-25 due to them being young and having less experience.

What is ‘Voluntary excess’?

A voluntary excess fee is the amount that is chosen and agreed when taking a motor insurance policy, if you agree a higher voluntary excess it can potentially bring down the insurance quote.

Making your insurance cheaper

Consider taking a pass plus course

Once you have passed your driving test it will mean you are now legally allowed to drive on the road. Driving courses like Pass Plus can sort out any habits you’ve picked up that may affect your driving ability, it can improve your confidence on the road and give you more knowledge with different driving conditions. If you are to pass the pass plus course, then it can reduce your chances of making a claim and it will help towards keeping your insurance quote being lower.

Increasing the excess

If you choose to go for a higher excess on your motor insurance, then protect it with an excess protection policy, you may be eligible to reduce the costs of your motor insurance premium. But bear in mind that the higher the excess you choose to be liable for then the higher the cost of a claim will be before the claim will be dealt with.

Black Box Policies

When taking out an insurance policy consider taking out a policy which includes a black box as this can really contribute to keeping insurance quotes lower. A black box, also known as telematics device, uses a small device that’s installed in your vehicle and will track your driving performance. Black boxes tend to track breaking and acceleration, the higher the score, the “better” a driver you will be considered to be. Insurance companies who let you take out a black box policy normally offer discounts or rewards to drivers who prove themselves to be less of a hazard.

Young Drivers Excess Insurance


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