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What is Motorhome Hire excess insurance?

What is excess?

The 'Excess' is the amount you have to pay to the rental company when your hire motorhome is damaged or stolen, this can also be known as the 'Deductible'.

If CDW (collision damage waiver) is in place, you may still be liable for an amount with the rental company in the event of damage or theft, this is known as an excess fee.

What is motorhome hire excess insurance?

Motorhome hire excess insurance is an optional insurance policy. This insurance will cover you for the excess you are liable for on a motorhome rental agreement.

The excess cover is essentially an additional insurance policy which will cover you from the excess costs, otherwise you would have to pay for any damage that is caused to your hire vehicle.

For example, Questor Insurance will cover you up to £2,500 for any physical loss or damage so if you were to have an accident, the rental company will charge you for that damage for example £500, you would then claim that reimbursement back through us.

What is covered under this policy?

This policy will cover you for your excess liability up to £2,500 including loss or damage to tyres, windscreen and the underbody of the vehicle. You will also receive additional benefits such as towing, key cover and misfuelling.

How does this insurance work?

So, for example, you hire a motorhome and the vehicle comes with its standard insurance, known as CDW (collision damage waiver). In most cases, when the hire motorhome is stolen or damaged you’ll be liable to pay an excess amount before the rental company covers the rest of the cost. This means if you don’t have an excess insurance in place, you could be liable to pay hundreds, maybe even thousands, if your hire van is stolen or incurs any damage.

Questor Insurance will cover you up to £2,500 (but please note there is a £350 excess on any claim under the excess reimbursement section of our policy) for any physical loss or damage so if you were to have an accident, the rental company may charge you for that damage. For example, you have to pay £500, you would then claim that back for reimbursement through us, using our simple online claim form.

Taking out a Motorhome Hire Excess Insurance policy with Questor Insurance will give you peace of mind knowing you’ll be protected for the excess charges you might be liable for with the rental company. Our policy also has extra benefits such as cover for lost keys, misfuelling, loss or damage to Auto Glass, Roof, Tyres, Wheel Rims, the Under Body, Towing and Loss of Use.

Buying from Questor Insurance

Questor Insurance Motorhome Hire Excess Insurance policy starts from just £8.13 per day. Our policy can save you up to 80% compared to taking an insurance policy directly with the motorhome rental company.

Motorhome Hire Excess

Cover includes:
  • Excess on the motorhome hire
  • Tyres, windscreen and the underbody
  • Any driver aged 21 years and older at the same premium
  • Key cover