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The difference between CDW and LDW

Purchasing an insurance policy isn’t always the simplest of tasks, especially when you have to read the dreaded Terms and Conditions and end up more confused than you were at the beginning. To make life a bit easier, we are here to break down all the insurance jargon and explain things properly.

Collision Damage Waiver is an optional extra which increases the sum insured from £10,000 to £75,000 with our Excess Reimbursement cover. In turn, this provides you with cover for the full value of the hire vehicle. Whereas, Loss Damage Waiver is part of our standard cover which covers you for any damage to the glass, tyres, undercarriage and roof of the hire vehicle. This type of damage is sometimes excluded by the rental company’s basic insurance.

Collision Damage Waiver

At Questor Insurance we offer a CDW optional extra that increases your cover from £10,000 to £75,000. This extra is available on both our daily and annual Worldwide policies, so whether you’re planning a one-off trip or if you are a regular hirer we have a policy to suit you. So rather than just covering your excess, we can cover the full value of your hire vehicle.

In most cases, if you have purchased CDW with your rental company or if it is already included in your booking, this also covers the hire vehicle’s full value and a reduced excess amount is usually held on your credit or debit card. However, some rental companies don’t offer any CDW insurance at all, thus leaving you with nothing but Supplementary Liability Insurance.

Consequently, without CDW, you would be liable for the full value of the hire vehicle and despite whether you choose to rent a Toyota Aygo or Audi A4, not many of us can hold a credit card deposit this large. This is where we can help with a quote for a car hire excess annual policy with the CDW extra.

Loss Damage Waiver

‘What does LDW cover?’ This is one of the most frequent customer queries we experience here at Questor Insurance and it’s probably one of the easiest to answer!

We define Loss Damage Waiver as covering damage to the hire vehicles glass, tyres undercarriage and roof. All of which are covered by all of our excess insurance policies.

All glass that forms part of the hired vehicle is also known as Auto Glass and includes the hire vehicles windscreen, windows, internal and external lights and the sunroof. It also means we cover any physical loss or damage to the hire vehicles Tyres and Wheel Rims for which you are responsible for under your Hire Agreement. To find out further information on eligibility, what is covered and to get a quote, just visit our car hire excess insurance policy page.