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Palma Airport

Date Created: 22 June 2015


We Brits recognise a good airport as we are spoilt with our beloved Gatwick, Manchester, Heathrow and similar airport counterparts. To us, airports abroad can seem a little second rate in retrospect. Usually their very small, crowded, unhelpful and their security is more like an open door compared to the measures that we are used to.  Well, Palma airport, not your typical expectations.  

Shops and duty free are scarce in most foreign airports however Palma had quite the selection. High end beauty and fragrance brands such as Chanel, Tom Ford, and Elizabeth Arden are all at hand. A good size Mango shop was available with new stock and summers latest trends whilst brands like Mallorca Rocks, Franklin Marshall, Ministry of Sound and Head Kandy are stocked up in the Zone Shop, great for a last minute gift or holiday essential.

Restaurants or fast food shops are fast and efficient not to mention delicious. If you’re looking for a meal before your departure, or a quick stop on your arrival, there is plenty of choice. Examples include the Carling Pub for sports fans, a meeting point for leisure and for eating at any time of day, just like a classic pub. The typical pub grub and classic English breakfast are the perfect option. Or your bog standard Burger King, McDonalds, Subway etc. where the service is very proficient considering how busy it can get during the summer months.

VIP lounges are available for travellers, including services such as Catering, Television, Computers, Free Wi-Fi, books, magazines and newspapers as well as a handy Children's area. All for a mere €26.50 Adults/ €12.75 Children. Well worth it for the last splash before the holiday blues appear or if you prefer a relaxing start to your holiday straight from the Airport.

Hertz, Enterprise Atesa and Avis are to name a few of the rental companies that are offered at Palma, so if you have one booked don’t forget to purchase your excess insurance from Questor Insurance to dodge commission focused fee’s at the airport! This will be a nasty surprise to the start of any holiday.

Palma FlightSecurity is not as high rate as England however passengers accessing boarding areas must pass through a metal-detector arch at a security checkpoint and their hand luggage and any other objects that they are carrying (coats, jackets, mobile phones, keys) must undergo an x-ray inspection. Before going through the security checkpoint, passengers will be asked for their boarding pass. If the destination of your flight is a non-Schengen country, you must go through document control. The basic travel document is a passport, although you can travel to some countries with a National ID card (DNI). These security measures are very quick and easy however not intimidating, which in some cases you favour so you feel secure also. Therefore getting to the airport hours and hours before, just in case, is a little less imperative allowing a little weight to be lifted of your shoulders.

So if you’re heading to Palma and you’re dreading the airport, don’t be, very hassle free and convenient for all traveller’s needs. Although no airport is perfect, so don’t forget your travel insurance to ensure you’re protected for those nasty unexpected delays or lost luggage!

Written by Savannah Buckley.