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The World's Best Beaches

Date Created: 07 June 2018

Honokalani Black Sand Beach, Maui Hawaii Honokalani black sand beach

Travellers from across the globe have dubbed Honokalani Black Sand Beach (located in the Wainapanapa State Park) as one of the most beautiful volcanic rock beaches in the world. Its combination of lava pebbles and powdery black sand meeting the cerulean skies seduce travellers into exploring this haven.  

At this top spot you can snorkel, scuba dive and kayak or discover the sea caves and lava tubes made of natural stone and lava through its decades of evolution. The beach also has hiking trails which host a great area for camping among the Wainapanapa cliff tops.  

It’s best to visit during the summer months as during the winter, swimming and surfing can be very dangerous as the surf becomes particularly high.

Fraser Island, Queensland Australia

Fraser Island, its indigenous name ‘paradise’, is the world’s largest sand island at 123km long and 22km wide running on the southeastern coast of Queensland. Not only is this vast chalky beach protected and maintained for all to appreciate, it also consists of over 100 freshwater lakes ranging from indigo to alice blue to cyan. Cradled by velvet sand and accompanied by towering tree canopies this island definitely lives up to its name.

It’s a great place for naturists or travellers looking to explore. With heathlands home to rare birds, such as the ground bird and the endangered dingoes, there is plenty to discover. Whales even make appearances in the sheltered waters and licensed tour operators can escort you to admire them. This beach is definitely an Instagrammer’s dream #utopia. 

Cayo Largo, Cuba

Leading with its fine sugar white sand and lukewarm calm waters is Cayo Largo. With water clear enough to reveal the underlying ocean floor it’s no wonder why this beautiful beach is a firm favourite.  Cayo Largo meaning ‘large island’, is on the south coastline of the underbelly of the Havana province. 

Swimming among starfish and turtles is a tourist check when visiting Cayo Largo. Easy transport from the few serene hotels situated on the Island is available including a small train which takes tourists to the beach, or there is the opportunity to take a visit to the natural pool by boat!

On a less positive note, tourists have commented on the lack of cultural movement, as other than workers, no Cuban residents are allowed there.  Also, don’t be surprised if you see more than you expected to on your visit, as nude sunbathing is permitted!


Anse Source D’Argent (La Digue Island), SeychellesAnse Source D’Argent Seychelles’

You may have heard people buzzing about Seychelles, the paradise of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, if you haven’t, then read on. Anse Source D’Argent (La Digue) is the ultimate beach for those looking to escape the norm and bask in the shade of the slender stemmed coconut palms surrounded by smooth granite boulders.  

The culture is a mix of Seychellois, French and African influences whilst the native language being Creole. However, English and French are commonly used. The culture impacts the Island with its various traditions, art, cuisine and music which allows tourists to experience the multi-cultural backgrounds of the Seychellois community.

If you’re a social butterfly then head down to the shore at dusk where you will encounter the sound of dundunba and balafong drums whilst the Creole Chef’s cook up a storm on their authentic barbeques. If you are a lover of seafood and strong zesty flavours, the food here will really indulge you into the African lifestyle.  A must visit paradise beach for your bucket list!


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