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07 June 2018

The World's Best Beaches

Cayo Largo meaning large island is on the south coastline of the underbelly of the Havana province, leading with its fine sugar white sand and lukewarm calm waters, clear enough to reveal the underlying ocean floor. Swimming among star fish and turtles is a tourist check when visiting Cay Largo. Easy transport from the few serene hotels situated on the Island is available, a small train drives tourists to the beach, whilst a visit to the natural pool by boat is also a convenience. However nude sunbathing is

03 August 2015 by Vittoria Soddu

Holiday treats for 007 enthusiasts

If you’re familiar with the James Bond filmography you will know that 007 has visited over 30 countries worldwide since his debut on screen with Dr.No in 1962. Many of the settings used for the films are stunning gems worth visiting. The impact of Bond films on locations is undeniable. The tourist industry in Jamaica for example - where the first Bond, Dr No, was set - still benefits, 40 years on - Here’s our top 5 picks!

09 July 2015 by Vittoria Soddu

Brussels city guide in 5 steps

The inventor of the saxophone was indeed a Belgian, in 1846 this fine instrument was first patented by Adolphe Sax, a French Belgian musician. The city of Brussels hosts the impressive Museum of Musical instruments in a magnificent Art Nouveau building erected in 1899 and designed by architect Paul Saintenoy – a must see for adults and children alike, with its interactive extended collection of more than 1200 instruments.

22 June 2015 by Savannah Buckley

Palma Airport

We Brits recognise a good airport as we are spoilt with our beloved Gatwick, Manchester, Heathrow and similar airport counterparts. To us, airports abroad can seem a little second rate in retrospect. Usually their very small, crowded, unhelpful and their security is more like an open door compared to the measures that we are used to. Well, Palma airport, not your typical expectations.

09 June 2015 by Vittoria Soddu

Scuba diving – 5 unusual underwater adventures:

Over 400, life-sized human figures rest in an underwater museum created by artist Jason deCaire Taylor in Cancun, Mexico. This monument can be accessed by both snorkelers and divers and was placed specifically to form an artificial reef. Each sculpture is made from marine-grade cement, and materials designed to promote the growth of coral. While extremely lifelike, detailed and beautiful, the museum is a conservation initiative to draw tourists from more fragile environments while at the same time creati

11 May 2015 by Vittoria Soddu

Cruising around seas and rivers – from cargo boats to floating hotels

The rivers and seas of Europe have always been essential to life and trade. But, until the mid-1800s, European boats and ships were only concerned with moving cargo or hauling in the day’s catch – not with passengers or their comfort.

07 May 2015 by Vittoria Soddu

A guide to the islands and archipelagos of Italy – our 5 top picks

The two largest islands - Sicily and Sardinia - in the Mediterranean Sea belong to Italy, but the country counts a great number of other smaller islands, actually about 1/6 of the total territory of Italy is insular. So, how many islands exactly does Italy count all together?

08 March 2015 by Beverley Byrne

Barbados - Colony Club

Measuring out tots of Old Brigand rum in the Nigel Benn Auntie Bar, Barbadian national treasure Auntie Lucille is entertaining her customers. ‘You ask what keeps me looking so young,’ laughs the gap toothed septuagenarian, ‘Rum, goat’s milk and loving everybody - white, black or blue!’

04 February 2015 by Beverley Byrne

The Aland Islands

It’s not your usual travel destination but these islands, forged by the elements, war and conflict, offer a surprisingly alluring cocktail for the adventurous traveller.

05 January 2015 by Beverley Byrne

Down Town Fort Myers

Down Town Fort Myers is Florida’s secret destination. Handily situated on the Sunshine State’s West coast and two hours from Tampa airport or Miami on the East coast, it’s the gateway to some of Florida’s blockbuster attractions including Disneyland, Seaworld and Universal Studios in Orlando just over three hours drive away.

01 December 2014 by Beverley Byrne

Biarritz - The Hotel du Palais

A holiday at the Hotel du Palais in Biarritz is like staying in a Faberge Egg. From the moment I’m royally welcomed into this gem of a hotel and take in the ornate chandeliers, the gilt period furniture, the sweeping staircases and the decorative gold leaf embellishing the walls, I’m in Belle Epoque bling heaven.

16 October 2014 by Vittoria Soddu

Searching for the Colours of Autumn

Orange is for pumpkin, yellow is for cheese, brown is for mushrooms and chestnuts, red is for berries

23 April 2014 by Beverley Byrne

Introducing Gozo

Gozo is the smaller, sleepier and more tranquil sister island of Malta. A year round destination, Gozo is known as the island of Myths and Miracles. Thought to be the legendary Calypso’s isle of Homer’s Odyssey, this is a peaceful, mystical backwater.

15 February 2014 by Beverley Byrne

See Cyprus and be amazed by what you find

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island of many contrasts. Lying at the crossroads of three continents where East meets West, Cyprus offers so much more than days lazing on the beach and nights partying in Ayia Napa.

01 February 2014 by Beverley Byrne

The Champagne - Ardenne Region

Every year three billion glasses of champagne are enjoyed throughout the world. But to discover the legends, history and secrets behind this most romantic and hedonistic wine, try following the Champagne Trail.

01 December 2013 by Beverley Byrne

The Fairmont Zimbala Resort - Durban South Africa

“The first person to see a giraffe gets a prize,” says Jo. Yeh right! We may be en route to Phinda, a game reserve three hours outside of Durban, but until we get there, this cynical Brit isn’t expecting anything more exotic than gum trees and sugar cane. Five minutes later, a shout comes from one of my fellow travellers, ‘Look, giraffes. I win!’ And there they are; a family of giraffes casually nibbling tall trees not fifty metres from the busy main road.

16 November 2013 by Beverley Byrne

Autumn and Winter Travel - Introducing Arizona Part 2

From Sedona, we head South and feel the temperature rise. Stopping en route at the Tuzigoot National Monument in Verde Valley, we explore this atmospheric hilltop pueblo which was once occupied by the Sinagua Indians. It is easy here to imagine native American families existing in the stone rooms that spiral around the hillside.

15 November 2013 by Beverley Byrne

Autumn and Winter Travel - Introducing Arizona Part 1

Arizona is home to the absolute top class block buster attraction in the US – the Grand Canyon. But there’s far more to Arizona than monumental geological structures.

01 November 2013 by Beverley Byrne

Eastern Cruise Feature - Superstar Virgo Cruise

For decades the mysterious Far East has been regarded as a mecca for back packers and gap year students. Exotic, inexpensive and idyllic, destinations such as Bangkok, Phuket, Penang and Langkawi once offered the promise of shabby chic culture and accommodation to match.

15 October 2013 by Beverley Byrne

Franche-Comte at Christmas - A discovery of mouth-watering Christmas delights

Pressing my nose against the window of master chocolatier Edouard Hirsinger’s emporium, I feel a frisson of festive spirit. Outside night is falling in the historic town of Arbois in the Franche-Comte region of Eastern France, but inside M. Hirsinger’s shop bright lights illuminate shelves groaning with mouth-watering Christmas delights.