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Worldwide Travel Insurance

With cheaper travel options and deals available, many people and families often take more than one holiday a year, or venture out into more than one country. As such, these holidays often require an option that covers this wider geographical area.

Worldwide travel insurance can be used to cover such holidays, or as an annual, multi-trip policy that caters to frequent flyers. Money can often be saved in the long run, whilst the specialist insurance ensures it is well suited for those visiting more than one country or region throughout the year.

What do I need to know about Worldwide Travel Insurance?

Worldwide Travel Insurance refers to policies that cover and insure you worldwide. This is because standard policies often focus on specific areas, such as Europe, where as Worldwide Travel Insurance covers a much wider area, which can either include or exclude the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

This can be purchased on a daily or annual basis, as well as for both individuals and families. This makes it a very flexible option for covering a variety of holidays. It also provides cover for medical expenses, which is often important when travelling outside Europe, where you are not covered by an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).

What are the benefits of Worldwide Travel Insurance?

Worldwide Travel Insurance is ideal for people who take various holidays throughout the year, as it is often cheaper than taking out individual policies each time. The Worldwide aspect ensures the destination is less of a problem, whilst the flexible options ensure that the policy can be tailored to suit travellers’ individual needs.

Cancellation cover can also be included, which is useful for multi-trip options as it covers all of your trips within the policy. Likewise, other cover and benefits are also available, such as hospital benefit, cancellation and baggage protection.

However, it is not advised for backpackers, who may prefer backpackers insurance. Worldwide travel insurance covers various holidays, up to 31 days in duration, whilst backpackers insurance offers insurance for continual travelling of up to 540 days, including visiting numerous countries.

What activities are covered under my policy?

As a standard policy, some activities are not included. However, optional extras are available to provide an additional level of cover, such as winter sports cover for those skiing or snowboarding as part of their travels as well as cover for any hazardous activities that are not included in your policy as standard.

Worldwide travel insurance also includes 24 hour emergency assistance and other comprehensive benefits such as cover for the loss of personal money, passport and documents depending on the level of cover you take out.