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Budget Travel Insurance

Holidaymakers are always keen to stretch their budgets as far as possible to ensure that they get the most out of their travel experience for less.

Securing is one way to help leave more in your travel budget for your favourite holiday activities, while still offering the cover you need on your holiday.

Who is budget travel insurance suitable for?

Budget travel insurance can suit the needs of a wide range of travellers, from those holidaymakers heading abroad for the first time after their 18th birthday to those who want to travel around the globe on a shoestring budget.

Essentially budget travel insurance is suitable for any traveller who wants to head abroad, and wants to save a few pounds, Euros or dollars in the process.

Are medical expenses still covered under my budget travel insurance policy?

Whatever level of cover you choose, you can be assured that emergency medical and other expenses are covered. Choosing budget travel insurance cover will mean that you are covered for medical expenses up to £2,000,000.

Budget travel insurance also includes cover for cancellation or curtailment, so that if all or part of your trip, including excursions, is delayed or cancelled for circumstances beyond your control you will be covered to a pre-specified limit.

My trip abroad is 3 months long; will I be covered under my budget travel insurance policy?

If you are planning to head abroad for an extended period of time, then a backpacker travel insurance policy could be the perfect budget travel insurance option.

This still provides affordable cover, but for up to 540 days. So even if you arrive in your destination and decide that you want to extend your trip you can be assured that you will be covered for a longer stay.

Backpacker travel insurance also includes comprehensive cover for emergency and other medical expenses, missed departure, cancellation and curtailment and much more.

Can I add extra features to my budget travel insurance policy?

There are a number of optional extras you can add to your budget travel insurance policy, depending on the type of trip you are going on. This can include anything from winter sports cover to cover for hazardous activities.