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Travel Insurance – Why do i need Travel insurance this summer?

A lot of people think they don't need travel insurance. Often, this is because they assume that they fully understand what the insurance covers and that, as a result, it is of little benefit to them. Yet travel insurance can be extremely useful if you're aware of what it can do. If you're travelling this summer, then you may want to consider travel insurance. Whether you're taking a small holiday, or backpacking across various countries, travel insurance may still be of real benefit. With lots of options and flexibility, it is easy to cater any holiday if there is something you would like to financially protect.

Delays and Interruptions -By far the easiest reason to take out an insurance policy is the option to protect yourself against delays or interruptions to your journey. It’s a well known fact that airport delays can happen. This means that there is always the ever present chance of being delayed for a flight. If this is an inter-connecting flight, then the financial knock-on effects could be even worse. Luckily, insuring yourself against this will stop you from having to pay more money out. This might not be covered on a standard policy, but is an easily acquired upgrade. Besides a small excess, these policies will cover the costs of replacement flights, cancellations or over-night accommodation. For someone travelling solo, this might not be a big burden. Yet if you're travelling with your family, the thought of paying extra travel and accommodation costs for each person can appear daunting, with the costs quickly soaring upwards.

Medical- Depending on where you're travelling to this summer, there may be a high medical risk. From local infections or any illness induced from the local climate, accidents can unfortunately happen. Medical cover will help to protect you financially, especially if you're outside of Europe where the likes of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can't help you. Expenses abroad can cost anywhere around £2,000 on average, with more privatised countries, such as America, often costing even more. However, if you already have an existing medical insurance policy, you should check this first. It may cover you abroad or in certain countries for a limited time. If not, you may still be able to take this as an option, rather than extending a new travel insurance policy. You should also consider the quality of medical facilities in your chosen destination. Some countries have much lower standards than others, where you may prefer to avoid state hospitals. This, unfortunately, is more expensive, a classic scenario where insurance would come in handy.

Possessions- This may seem simple, but the nature of your holiday may warrant a higher type of possession cover. If you're packing clothes and cheap items, then this might not be the best cover; the excess and low item cost generally means you end up paying for the majority of any stolen or lost goods anyway. However, if you bring a camera or laptop, then you may want to protect these; it’s a common fact that the most popular tourist destinations are often rife with pick pockets. Likewise, if the type of holiday in question involves expensive equipment, such as a sporting holiday, then this should be protected. Extra cover may need to be taken to increase the limits, so that the price of the equipment is actually covered.

Backpacker Insurance- This is a type of travel insurance aimed at, as the name suggests, backpackers. If you're travelling through various countries this summer, then this is a cheap option that may interest you. Backpacker insurance covers you against various problems, from possessions and medical to various risks from travelling between countries. Combining all of them, as well as catering for the specific needs of a back packer; who will often utilise hostels instead of private accommodation, makes for a tempting offer. This can also be extended fairly easily, so its flexible enough that you can choose more if you decide to continue travelling. Since hostels and other cheaper alternatives are becoming more and more popular, this might be something you wish to consider this summer. Finally, you should consider the knock-on effects that can happen with all these various policies. For example, if you become ill and are hospitalised, you may miss your flights home. Not only will you have to pay for medical expenses, but you also have to pay for a new flight. In this end, the costs quickly add up; having both medical and proper delay insurance would prevent the majority of this.

In conclusion, it is for these reasons that you should consider taking out travel insurance during the summer, as well as any optional extras that will benefit your holidays in particular. By focusing on what's important and removing what is only a waste of money, you can find an optimum policy that doesn't cost a fortune.

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