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What are the benefits of customising my standard travel insurance policy?

Travel Insurance is very flexible. In terms of options, there is enough choice to cater to various holiday needs. However, this can also be its main drawback. Apart from the standard insurance policies, it can be difficult to understand why these customisable options are of any benefit. In short, these options are there to cater for people who have more specific needs. From pre-existing medical conditions to more expensive luggage, these options should be used when your specific holiday or trip has certain needs that aren't being met. You shouldn't select these options if you don't need them, as they will cost more. However, if you do need them, they can save a lot of money and stress in the future if something does go wrong.

Medical Expenses

One of the more popular reasons to customise your insurance is to cover more specific medical requirements. A standard travel insurance policy often covers basic accidents and emergencies for a nominal fee, but more specific medical conditions relating to you as an individual may not be covered. This includes the likes of asthma and diabetes. It may surprise some people to know that these aren't covered in most standard policies; as a pre-existing condition, the provider will often leave this for you to take care of. However, if there is a possibility of this getting in the way or causing financial trouble at some point during your trip, then you may want to get extra cover as these costs could rack up if something does go wrong. Furthermore, extended medical cover can be purchased in packages designed for extreme sports or adventure holidays. Since the costs are increased with the chances of an accident of any kind, a specialised option that covers your specific needs, rather than a range of accidents that are much less likely, can help counter the costs of a policy generally. The inherent risks and possibilities are quite different between winter sports and a cycling holiday, for example. Many providers will not cover accidents if the related insurance hasn't been taken. Even then, it is often strictly on an amateur basis, so professionals of a given sport will require different cover.

Extra Baggage or Luggage

Similar to medical expenses, this is something that is covered, but limited, in a standard policy. As with medical expenses, there is usually a limit of around £250 or £500 depending on the policy. Combined with an excess of at least £100, this can often leave you paying for most damages or losses.

Extended cover

Can not only raise the limit, but it may also reduce the excess. The higher limit is particularly important, as you can afford to carry more expensive possessions. Whether you're going on holiday or business trips, expensive items such as a laptop are often a worry if the insurance doesn't cover the full cost. For this reason, you should evaluate your need for each item and, consequently, your need to insure on a basic or customised policy.

High Risk Situations

This is a more extreme scenario, but one where the flexible options of travel insurance can really provide a layer of safety and comfort. Depending on the country you visit, it may be deemed a 'high risk' country. In short, any country which is currently experiencing war, natural disasters, acts of terrorism or any other situation which could further jeopardise and risk your personal safety, can be considered a high risk. This extra cover may cost more, but it covers you in a wider range of situations, ensuring a greater peace of mind on your trip. Saving Money In The Long Run- One of the problems with any insurance policy is excess. As soon as something goes wrong, the excess means that it’s on you to shell out the money. With extra protection, your insurance provider may often drop or lower the excess. The initial cost is higher, but the money you'll save with lower excess may be worth it.

Likewise, frequent travellers should consider the benefits of multi-trip policies. These are fully customisable, allowing you coverage of all the trips you take over a given time-frame. Naturally, the length of this, as well as the trips and activities you plan to undertake, will affect all aspects of the insurance, from the excess to premiums. The trick here is to use simple maths and determine if you save money in the long run. Taking the cost of this policy, compared to the combined cost of individual coverage will easily confirm this. It should be noted, however, that multi-trips cover all trips in the same way. Therefore, if you're taking a winter sports holiday, you will be paying the more expensive medical protection for other trips that might not necessarily need it. As with all these options, it’s important to know when it is and isn't useful to you directly.

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