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Car Hire Excess Insurance – Domestic Rentals no matter where you are, now included as standard in our Policy

Car Hire Insurance is something that all drivers will have to encounter at some point in their lives. But do any of us really know precisely what we want from a car hire insurance agreement? Some people will have definite ideas about what they wish to see in a policy and others may be slightly more uncertain.

Truly international and now Year-Round Appeal

Two aspects of a car hire insurance policy which are likely to be of interest to a vast number of people include a Near Home Rental option and a Home Country option. Both features offer great flexibility to drivers who wish to rent a vehicle near their UK home address (in addition to their oversee's rentals). However, whereas many car hire insurance policies would require both such options to be added as additional extras, Questor now offers both as standard under their policy. But how exactly do both of these features work?

Near Home Rental and Home Country options

Near Home Rental is a unique option that Questor is proud to include as standard in their car hire insurance policy. The specific terms and conditions of the policy mean that car rentals can now commence close to home. Previously there was a zone of rentals within 150km of a persons home address that were typically excluded from car hire excess policy’s, to ensure the product was specialised to the holidaying market. The fact that it is now automatically included under the conditions of the main policy offer genuine flexibility for drivers who wish to use their vehicle near to the home address. In so doing, it now offers truly year round usage and means that rentals involving car clubs and other nearby car rentals close to home are automatically covered.

It is also worth noting that the Questor Car Hire Insurance policy now covers clients on a worldwide basis. This is regardless of where you live and includes rentals within your home country. “Near home rental” is effectively a label in the UK market for domestic rentals close to your residence. Home country rentals in other countries without such exclusion zones effectively now offers the same thing. So any car rentals, wherever you are, are covered. Again, such a feature offers terrific flexibility for customers in general and allows you to concentrate on focusing on the reason you have hired the vehicle in the first place.

European Policy

The European Cover option that Questor offers includes payment of the excess on the rental agreement for up to £6,000. It is also worth noting the specific countries within the European continent that you are covered for under the policy. These include the British Isles, Ireland, all islands within the Mediterranean, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Madeira, Iceland, the Azores, the Canary Islands and all countries west of the Ural Mountains (including Russia).


Another intriguing feature of Questor’s car hire insurance policy revolves around the option of curtailment. You will be covered if you wish to cancel the car rental agreement and you can prove that you were, in fact, confined to a bed within a hospital, private accommodation or hotel when the contract was purchased. If you wish to cancel an agreement under these circumstances you will be asked to present the rental agreement documents and a medical certificate relating to the period when you were confined to your bed.

The important thing when choosing a car hire insurance policy is to look at what you consider to be important and take that as an indication of what you need from a policy. Questor have made a deliberate decision to include aspects such as the Near Home Rental feature in their insurance policy, to attempt to make it as all-inclusive and comprehensive as possible.

With a number of comprehensive benefits, including those above, as well as optional extras to extend the scope of your policy, Questor has aimed to anticipate and meet a wide variety of driver needs to ensure that you get the best from your car hire excess insurance cover. For any more information please feel free to browse our Policy Documents.

We hope this has been useful.

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