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Car Hire Excess Insurance – New added features to our standard policy, no additions to the price

There is Car Hire Insurance and there is Car Hire Excess Insurance.

Car Hire Excess Insurance policies can differ vastly in terms of the specific features that they offer. Many companies will place importance on certain aspects that others will perhaps not view as being particularly important.

Of course, what you place importance on as an individual is down to your own personal circumstances. Most policies will offer the same standard features, but have you ever wanted to find a policy that offered features that provided solutions to problems you have encountered in the past.

There are any number of issues that can arise when you hire a car, regardless of what purpose you have hired it for. Knowing that some of the scenarios outlined below are covered as standard within your insurance policy can offer genuine peace of mind.


Recent research from the AA has revealed that more than 150,000 cars either break down or suffer serious engine damage each year due to people mis-fuelling, the process of putting diesel into a petrol car or petrol into a vehicle which requires diesel.

This figure demonstrates how significant a problem mis-fuelling can actually be and it is highly questionable whether the practice is taken seriously by enough car hire insurance companies and their respective polices. At Questor, we are proud to stand out from the crowd in this regard. We now offer mis-fuelling as a standard feature in our car hire insurance excess policy. This gives you the peace of mind that, should you enter the incorrect type of fuel, you will be covered and it does not have to be the drama that it otherwise could be. It is a unique feature that not everyone initially considers when deciding on which car hire insurance policy is right for them. However, it could be the difference between a small problem that is easily overcome and a complete disaster.

Road Rage

Road rage is perhaps another aspect of driving a hired vehicle that you would not think of instantly as being particularly important. This is potentially due to the fact that you view yourself as quite a calm person and, therefore, do not consider the consequences of being a road rage victim as much as you possibly should. However, when you consider some of the recent statistics that have been compiled on the topic, it becomes clear that it may be time to consider the relevance of a specific road rage feature within a car hire insurance policy.

Research conducted in 2011 found that 33% of all UK road accident fatalities were linked to ‘road rage’ incidents. This equates to the startling figure that approximately 800 deaths each year, on average, can be attributed to dangerous driving that is initially caused by an outburst of ‘road rage’ on a particular individual’s part. It is a worrying thought, but some comfort can certainly be taken from the fact that Questor currently offers a ‘road rage’ feature as standard in their car hire insurance policy. Such a feature allows you to focus on your own performance and temperament while driving, safe in the knowledge that the actions of another driver will not affect the status of your policy.


When hiring a car, there are a number of considerations that you are likely to make and precautions you are likely to take. These can include everything from effective budgeting, ensuring the vehicle is large enough and considering what type of terrain you are likely to encounter. However, one thing which you are perhaps not too likely to contemplate is how to deal with the possibility of being a carjacking victim and how this could potentially affect any car hire insurance policy that you have in place. A carjacking is generally an opportunistic crime that takes place in places such as petrol stations, fast-food drive-throughs or close to cash machines. It can be a particularly scary experience for anyone and knowing that you have a car hire insurance policy in place that covers you for such an ordeal can be of great comfort.

All three of the features mentioned above have often been consistent problems for anyone who has hired a car before. By including them as standard within their car hire insurance policy, Questor has offered a practical solution to these issues that allows motorists to concentrate on enjoying their hire car for its intended purpose, whether that is a nice break with your family or an important conference.

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