Rental Vehicle Security Scheme part of car hire terror crackdown

A new government scheme has been launched for car rental outlets to enhance counter-terrorism measures and reduce the threat of vehicles being used as weapons.

The Rental Vehicle Security Scheme, developed with support from the British Vehicle and Rental Leasing Association (BVRLA), will be voluntary, although calls have been made for membership to be compulsory.

Launched by the Department for Transport, the scheme includes a ten point Code of Practice that contains a number of different commitments for companies that rent vehicles on a short-term basis.

Among them is a promise to legally share data and other key information with law enforcement officials and to provide training for staff on how to spot suspicious activity.

All members will have a security point of contact while car hire firms have been told to only accept electronic payments for at least part of car hire so that all transactions can be logged and tracked.

The BVRLA has led calls for the new scheme to be mandatory but has said those taking part are already signalling their intent to provide support for security services.

Chief executive of the organisation, Gerry Keaney, said they have worked closely with the government to develop a strong sector response to the threat of vehicles being used in acts of terror.

“The vehicle rental sector is committed to doing all it can to deter those seeking to inflict harm on our communities,” he said.

He added that sector-wide efforts to raise awareness of anti-terrorism methods are ongoing and called on all individuals to be vigilant.

The majority of the measures are unlikely to have much of an impact on customers and members of the scheme will likely include its terms within their car hire contracts.

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Date Created: 19 December 2018

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