Travellers given car hire insurance warning

Travellers given car hire warningIf you’re planning to hire a car on your travels this summer, you should avoid overpriced add-on insurance cover, TravelSupermarket has warned. 

The price comparison website has revealed that many holidaymakers are falling foul of purchasing excess policies at car rental check-in desks, despite cover being available for significantly less elsewhere.

It is suggested that the excess cover could amount to 80% of the cost of the original car hire, which is why it pays to do some research and purchase excess car hire insurance in advance if it is required.

Many of the policies available in advance offer not only more comprehensive cover, but also cost significantly less.

TravelSupermarket suggests that it is possible to save more than £100 by purchasing separate waiver policies.  By using a specialist insurance provider, rather than getting cover through the car rental company, TravelSupermarket found it was possible to save more than £150 in both locations.

The study, from early June 2018, reveals how holidaymakers can benefit by being aware of the true value of excess insurance cover.

As quoted by MoneyWise, Emma Grimster, a spokesperson for the comparison site, commented: “Typically, you’ll get far better cover with the specialist providers as they cover extras such as tyres, windscreens and the car’s undercarriage. The more expensive policies offered by car-hire companies, despite being significantly more expensive, generally won’t cover these items.

“Car-hire excess waiver tends to be something most of us won’t think to book in advance and indeed something many choose not to take out at all. But if you value peace of mind or know you will struggle to pay the excess should you have an accident, ensure you shop around for the best deal before you leave home.

An annual policy is another alternative and the money saved could be used for fuel or upgrading to a larger hire vehicle.

If you want to purchase car hire excess insurance cover, get a quote today and discover just how little it might cost.

Date Created: 13 June 2018

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