Why lock inspections are vital for car hire this summer

CarLock1If you’re planning to hire a car this summer for your travels, you’ll want to make sure you inspect the locks.

That’s the warning from Zest Car Rental, who suggest that a number of car rental firms are charging customers for damaged locks.

And given that many vehicles have remote entry, you could easily forget to check the locks at all, especially if they are never used.

The worst thing for customers is that once you return from your trip, any unidentified issues with a vehicle that were not listed on any paperwork can be hard to contest.

If you don’t ever put the key in to the door of your hire car, you could be completely unaware of any issues that exist.

So when you hire a car this summer and you check for pre-existing damage, don’t forget the locks. You should check both when you receive the car and when you return it.

If you do find problems when you receive the car, ask for a different one. However if this is not possible and the car can just be locked using the key fob, ensure that the issue is noted in all paperwork before driving away.

Finally, ask for the car to be checked in when you return it and sign off all paperwork with an employee present.

Of course if this is not possible then you should take as many pictures as you can, alongside a video of you using the door locks with the key.

Any other issues should be well documented too as this puts you in a better position should a claim be made against you by a hire firm.

Not only could you avoid a substantial repair but you’ll be able to prove that any issues were not your responsibility.

You may also want to consider car hire excess insurance before you travel, which will cover against the excess you would need to pay should the car be damaged and stolen.

This can provide peace of mind when you’re away and may cost less than you might think.

Date Created: 30 April 2018

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