New rulings to give British holidaymakers extra protection

Rulings1Online holiday retailers will soon be as responsible for consumer protection as traditional travel agents, with new EU rulings coming to force.

From the summer, regulations mean travellers must be afforded the same level of financial cover on internet deals as they get if they book on the high street.

Set to cover package travel, the rulings will focus on what is known as ‘flight-plus’ arrangements – where flights, accommodation and/or car hire are booked at the same time or near to each other but where the way it is sold means it isn’t classed as a package holiday.

Around three million of these arrangements previously had reduced cover to protect against issues such as firms going out of business – as seen with the Monarch collapse in 2017.

The travel agents’ trade body Abta has suggested that as many as 50% of holidays could lack financial protection in the event of failure, following a surge in the use of online booking sites.

The body’s chief executive Mark Tanzer stated that more holiday travel arrangements will be termed as package deals from the start of July, therefore boosting the protection that is available.

Of an estimated 45 million overseas holidays by Brits each year, around 20 million are primarily protected by Abta, while 83% of us have booked a trip online.

Consumer minister Andrew Griffiths says the new rules will provide peace of mind for those that want to explore online for the best deals.

The added protection may come to the rescue of those who could be left stranded or out of pocket should their travel provider fail.

While the main stays of your travel arrangements are protected, you may also want to consider other added extras, especially if you intend to hire a vehicle while you’re away.

Designed to run alongside your regular insurance cover, car hire excess insurance can protect you against the excess you would need to pay should your hire car be damaged or stolen.

These costs can run up to hundreds or even thousands of pounds and have the potential to ruin a trip away. Get a quote today to see how little the added extra can cost.

Date Created: 16 April 2018

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