DriiveMe to offer £1 UK car rentals


A popular European car rental service is coming to the UK, and it means Brits could hire a car or van for just £1.

DriiveMe already operates in France and Spain and its unique system allows people to hire cars along pre-set routes.

So while you can rent a vehicle for next to nothing (you do still need to pay for petrol), there is little flexibility in where you can go to and from.

Included in the price is the cost of the hire, 24-72 hours to get to the end point, and fully comprehensive insurance cover.

Enough mileage is included for driver to take some detours along the routes while any toll costs would need to be covered by the customer.

DriiveMe also suggests that carpooling could help people to save on mileage expenses or to bring down fuel costs for the journeys.

The basic concept is that it enables car hire firms to effectively manage their fleets of cars as the users takes them to locations where they are needed.

Not only does this mean that the company does not need to pay for staff or trucks to move the vehicles but that they can always meet demand.

However, there are few vehicle choices available for hire and the limited period of time that they can be hired for does limit where people can go.

If you’re thinking of using it for a staycation or for travelling to the other side of the country, DriiveMe is unlikely to be the answer.

To start with, the service will launch on a route between Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports and on one between Manchester Airport and London Heathrow.

Despite this limited initial offering, DriiveMe has promised that additional routes will be added in the future.

If you do plan to hire a vehicle this year, you may wish to consider some of the additional insurance options that are available to you.

For instance car hire excess insurance can protect against the excess that you would need to pay should your vehicle be damaged or stolen.

This means you can have added peace of mind as you would not need to pay out a sum that could total hundreds, or even thousands of pounds.

Date Created: 09 April 2018

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