Seven easy ways to simplify your European car hire

Key1Hiring a car can provide you with plenty of flexibility when travelling around Europe, but there’s plenty to consider when looking for that added independence.

If you plan to hire a car in the months ahead, here are a number of the key factors which require some thought, and which should make the whole process a great deal simpler.

1. Book in advance

Plan ahead and look to book your car hire at the earliest opportunity. Not only does this increase the choice of vehicles available, but it should mean you can get one that best suits you needs – especially if you need additional space for luggage. Upgrading at the booking desk can be expensive, and should be avoided.

2. Compare prices

Price comparison sites can reveal exactly how much you need to spend on a hire car, and if you can get added perks with different companies. When it comes to paying, it’s best to use a credit card as you’ll have protection as guaranteed by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

3. Consider covering your excess

Should something go wrong when you’re away – such as if the hire vehicle is stolen or damaged – then you may be liable for the claim. Care hire excess insurance can cover the excess you would need to pay, which could total hundreds of pounds depending on the claim. Get a quote for car hire excess insurance today to see if you would benefit.

4. Why pay if you have it already?

If you already have a satnav, a car seat or any number of other useful pieces of equipment, it can pay to take it with you. Airlines, for instance, will often let you put a car seat in the hold of an aircraft for free, while hiring a satnav from a car rental is an added cost that could easily be avoided.

5. Track your vehicle usage

It’s very easy for a hire firm to claim unfair damage charges if you don’t have a record of any issues. Taking regular photos can help to showcase the condition of a vehicle when you have it and can be used if you hire it with pre-existing damage.

6. Think fuel

Every hire company will have different fuel policies so you’ll want to ensure you don’t pay more than is necessary. Full to full – where you pick up the car with a full tank and return it with a full tank is often deemed the best option available.

7. Watch out for the hard sell

Car hire desks will want to make money and will often attempt to sell you extras that you don’t really need. Be aware of this and you should be able to avoid further outlays.

Date Created: 23 February 2018

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