What do you need to pack for the ideal holiday?

passportBefore jetting off for some winter sun or that all-inclusive extravaganza, what exactly do Brits need to pack to ensure they enjoy the perfect holiday?

Well, experts from Teletext Holidays quizzed 1,000 Brits to discover what things need to take up that precious space in your suitcase.

As well as finding out the essentials that we all need to pack, they also revealed what items they would take if they had any extra space.

Interestingly, millennials (18-34) and baby boomers (55+) have vastly differing views on what makes a perfect holiday.

Nearly every millennial will travel with at least one gadget, with smartphones and tablets among the most popular items to take.

Baby boomers on the other hand could jet off without any technology in order to completely enjoy the destinations they visit.

When it comes to home comforts that there just isn’t space for, millennials said they miss their pets, while the older generations said they would love to take their own pillow with them – the true definition of home comfort!

More than one in five people said they take their own tea bags away with them too, showing that you just can’t beat a mug of British brew!

Both age groups like to feel pampered too, with millennials always wanting a hairdryer and baby boomers longing for their slippers.

A third of baby boomers revealed they don’t miss anything when they go away and are keen to take as little as possible with them.

Millennials on the other hand revealed they are likely to miss TV and reliable internet access, which isn’t too surprising given the amount of gadgets they want to take away.

The sorts of holidays that both groups enjoy also varied massively, with the older generation longing for beach breaks, often in locations such as Spain, the Canary Islands, Portugal and Turkey.

Millennials on the other hand look for cheap drinks and plenty of museums, with city breaks among their most preferred holiday options.

Food is also vital, as both groups said enjoying local cuisine features highly on their list of priorities when looking at different destinations to visit.

If you’re thinking of going overseas in the coming months, be sure to get adequate worldwide travel insurance before you go to ensure you’re covered if something goes wrong.

Date Created: 28 January 2018

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