How to keep your 2018 holiday within budget

Budget1If you’re jetting off on holiday this year and think you’ve grabbed a bargain, you’ll need to be watchful.

Consumer group Which? has warned travellers to carefully consider all of the costs involved in their trips to ensure they don’t get stung with additional outlays.

From booking flights and hotels early to being flexible on locations and hotels, to avoiding overpaying for car hire, there are plenty of ways to ensure you can travel without breaking the bank.

The key is to watch out for added extras – such as baggage and check in fees, car hire extras and potential credit card fees.

If you’re unsure of exactly where you want to go, you could save even more money by searching for destinations online.

Which? suggests using comparison sites to find both flights and hotels to discover what sort of amounts you should be paying for certain locations.

However, you should also check the airline and hotel websites directly to ensure you are getting the best deals.

Another thing to consider is your travel money – for instance, while you can’t influence exchange rates, you can make sure you don’t get stung with extra fees for using you credit or debit card overseas.

Prepaid cards could be an alternative option, and you can always check that fees are not attached if you need to use them abroad.

If you are exchanging currency you should also do it in advance to get the best deals, as airport exchanges are often guilty of having poor rates.

Travel insurance is also key, especially if you wish to take part in activities, but you’ll need to check what you’re covered for before you travel.

While it may not seem vital, you may wish to consider care hire excess insurance too, as it could help you to save when hiring a vehicle.

Get a quote today to discover if you could help bring the costs of your holiday down even further.

Date Created: 25 January 2018

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