UK travellers leave it late to purchase travel insurance

ServiceOne in five UK travellers only purchase travel insurance when they are about to set off on holiday, according to new research. found that a huge number of travellers are putting themselves at risk by leaving their travel insurance until the last minute.

Perhaps even more worrying is that an estimated five million Brits will decide against taking out any type of travel insurance during 2018.

However, of those that do decide to take out a policy, nearly half do not know if they would be covered if their travel agency or airline went out of business, while 18% of the respondents revealed that they were unsure about when their policy actually expired.

Over the past year there have been a number of high-profile issues surrounding airlines, including Ryanair and Monarch, highlighting the need for travellers to protect themselves.

Many travellers believe insurance is only there to protect them while they are abroad – for lost baggage or for an injury for example – however many policies can actually protect them if they are unable to travel due to illness or if their trip gets cancelled.

“If your trip is cancelled for any reason, such as injury, illness or personal emergency, you could make a claim on your policy’s cancellation cover to reimburse the trip,” a spokesperson for the comparison website revealed.

The research also looked at the destinations that Brits may favour in 2018, with Spain the hot choice for travellers – 23% of respondents indicated that they were planning to visit the country.

Other popular destinations include the US and France, with 9% and 7% of respondents choosing the two countries as their top destination, respectively.

If you’re planning booking a holiday this year, make sure you take out travel insurance in advance to protect yourself against any eventuality.

Date Created: 18 January 2018

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