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Cyprus the cheapest holiday destination to hire a car

SeatCar1If you’re off on holiday in 2018 and want to save on car hire costs, Cyprus is your cheapest option.

It can cost as little as £9.37 a day to hire a vehicle on the island, according to new data compiled by TravelSupermarket, which looked at the varying cost of car hire around the world.

By analysing the cost of hiring a traditional car, such as a Fiat 500 or Ford Focus, the comparison site found that the price of hiring a car could vary up to 245% depending on where you are.

At the high end of the scale, Greece is the most expensive destination, costing travellers £32.29 a day to hire.

Hiring a car in Greece would cost 237% more than it would to rent one in the UK – the 13th most expensive location the list, with an average price of £13.60.

Cyprus, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates, were found to be the three cheapest destinations for hiring a vehicle.

Spain, a tourist hotspot for British travellers, was found to be the fifth cheapest location, only costing an average of £12.31 a day, less than half the amount it would cost to hire in France.

Iceland was the second most expensive destination behind Greece, with the average cost of hiring found to be just over £30 a day.

Canada, France and Germany completed the top five most expensive destinations, all costing more than £20 a day on average to hire.

The study also looked at the cost of hiring in the UK, where Birmingham was found to be the cheapest city, costing just £9.82 on average a day.

Londonderry is the most expensive location in the UK to hire, costing £16.12, and beating London in cost by a couple of pounds.

For Brits looking to hire from a train station in the UK, Belfast Central, Glasgow Central and Birmingham Central were all found to cost less than £10.

Hiring in London can be quite costly though, as using a hire service from London Bridge costs travellers just under £30 a day to hire.

If you’re planning on hiring a car for your holiday, make sure you organise your car rental insurance in advance to save some money. Get a quote today!

Date Created: 16 January 2018

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