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Skyscanner reveals destinations with biggest air fare drops

SkyScanner1The cost of flights to Toulouse, France, have plummeted by 40%, meaning the destination has seen the largest fall in prices among up-and-coming destinations.

A study by Skyscanner focused on destinations which are growing in popularity among travellers, and picked out those that have seen a substantial drop in cost.

Travellers can now purchase a flight to Toulouse for an average cost of £92.65, with the small city home to a number of historical museums and monasteries.

Hartford in the USA saw the second biggest price drop of 29%, although the average cost of a flight is still at £485.25.

Although it may not be the first destination people think of when imagining a holiday in the USA, Skyscanner recorded a 79% increase in popularity.

Thanks to huge investment, the city in Connecticut has a new district full of innovative hotels and a state-of-the-art science museum to keep travellers entertained.

Other destinations included Cluj-Napoca in Romania and Victoria Falls, Zambia, which saw a 17% and 18% price drop in flight prices respectively.

A destination which has grown massively in popularity is Dubrovnik in Croatia, thanks to its beautiful beaches and stunning islands scattered around the Adriatic Sea. A 14% drop in the average flight price should see this continue.

The most expensive flight featuring in the study is to Victoria in the Seychelles, which still costs an average of £686.24 despite a 2% drop in costs.

In order to make travel to the destination a little easier, British Airways is launching direct flights from Gatwick.

For a destination a little closer to home, Bristol also features on the list, having seen a 26% increase in popularity and a 7% reduction in the average flight cost.

Skyscanner has seen searches for Bristol – which was voted as the best place to live for the third time in four years in the Sunday Times Best Places To Live Guide – increase in recent years.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, be sure to organise your worldwide travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 03 January 2018

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