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Instagram the deciding factor for millennials when travelling

InstagramThe priority among millennials when booking a holiday is to find an Instagrammable destination, according to a new study by Expedia.

As opposed to finding a holiday that offers the most interesting activities, cheap alcohol or cultural experiences, it seems millennials are more interest in finding a destination that is suited to Instagram.

Expedia analysed the inspiration behind both millennials and Gen X travel habits, and found that two thirds of those aged between 18-34 chose their holiday based on how appealing it would look on the social media site.

Men were the most likely to choose a destination based on how it would appear on Instagram, while one in four were found to use the social media platform to find travel inspiration.

Around 40% of men and 20% of women have admitted to posting fake holiday photos on social media in order to show off to their friends and followers.

The research also highlights the issues with choosing destinations based on Instagram, as one in five millennials and Generation X’s have been disappointed by a place after first seeing it on the social media site.

Stonehenge, Times Square, Dubai, the Taj Mahal and the Sydney Opera House were found to be the top five let downs.

A previous study by Expedia found that 90% of Gen Z, the youngest demographic group, have their travel plans influenced by social media, with Facebook and Instagram topping the list.

On average, Millennials travel about 35 days a year, which is more than any other generation, with many enjoying small getaways and trips to visit family.

In contrast, the youngest generation only travel for 29 days a year on average, mainly due to their lower incomes.

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Date Created: 02 January 2018

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