Business travellers turn to unhealthy habits when away with work

Meeting1Business travellers tend to pick up a number of unhealthy habits when away with work, according to a new study by On Call International.

The study found that 54% of business travellers are less likely to exercise when they are away with work compared to if they were at home.

A further health issue arises from the 44% of business travellers that opt for unhealthy food when working away.

More than a third of people added that work-related travel makes them stressed, while 36% find it difficult to sleep when away on a work trip.

Dr. William Siegart, Chief Medical Officer at On Call International, claims that leading an unhealthy life while away with work can have a huge effect on a traveller’s wellbeing.

“Stress can lead to headaches, gastrointestinal distress and chest pain. It can exacerbate nearly every pre-existing condition and can lead to the development or worsening of anxiety, depression, skin rashes, asthma, cardiovascular disease and more,” said Dr. Siegart.

More than 15% of respondents also indicated that they drink more alcohol when on work trips and 8% admitted it is more than likely that they will smoke cigarettes.

Figures from the annual Travels Trends survey, produced by the Office of National Statistics, show that Brits made 7,156,000 business trips in 2016.

In terms of inbound business travel, there were 9,187,000 business trips made to the UK last year, an increase of 322,000 on the previous year.

Dr. Siegart insists it is up to companies to ensure that business travellers are maintaining a healthy lifestyle when they travel, otherwise they risk employees being absent from work.

“I would recommend hosting pre-travel health workshops to reinforce healthy travel behaviours such as eating right, finding time for quick, simple exercises that can be executed anywhere, and working to identify and manage their most frequent causes of stress,” continued Dr. Siegart.

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Date Created: 14 December 2017

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