Foreign Office urges travellers to think about insurance

MapAnyone travelling in 2018 has been urged to think about travel insurance, after the Foreign and Commonwealth Office found it was not a priority among holidaymakers.

Just 2% of respondents worry about ensuring they have the right travel insurance, while 20% have concerns about passing through airport security.

According to the FCO, getting to the airport on time, passing through airport security and waiting for luggage to arrive were the three biggest priorities among travellers.

The research shows that 72% of over-55s are expected to go on holiday next year, with more than half set to travel with pre-existing medical conditions.

As a result, the FCO has issued a warning to holidaymakers reminding them of the importance of travelling with the right insurance cover, otherwise it can become incredibly expensive to receive medical care.

The research found that around one in 20 over-55s had decided not to declare a medical condition due to the increase cost of their travel insurance.

It can cost as much as £90,000 for an air ambulance in the USA or £80,000 for a similar service in Thailand, while treatment for a fractured arm could cost around £7,000 in Spain.

FCO Consular Director Julia Longbottom said: “Arranging travel insurance should be at the top of your holiday essentials before heading overseas. Travellers are losing thousands of pounds in medical bills and their families are having to find the money to help cover the cost or even repatriate them.”

The FCO has given some advice to travellers when it comes to buying travel insurance, urging them to answer medical questions honestly, and to read through the small print of their policy to understand what exactly they are covered for.

The medical care in each country can also vary greatly, which will be reflected in the cost of travel insurance, so it can really pay to do your research beforehand.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad next year, make sure you have the right travel insurance so you are covered against any eventuality.

Date Created: 13 December 2017

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