Hamburg named as the best destination for night out

Hamburg1Hamburg has been ranked as the best place in the world for a night out, thanks to its friendly people and outstanding transport links.

The study, from HostelWorld, ranked each night out based on five categories including cost, transport, safety, friendliness of the locals and the quality of the nightlife.

A total of 41 major cities in 27 countries were ranked, and Hamburg came out on top, scoring particularly highly for affordability, friendly locals and the reliable transport network.

Copenhagen finished in second place, whilst Berlin, Dublin and Amsterdam finished in third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Perhaps surprisingly, New York was ranked in tenth place, beaten by the likes San Francisco, Gothenburg, Prague and the Polish capital, Warsaw.

However, New Yorkers were certain that they do in fact have the best night out when asked directly for the survey.

Some huge cities missed out on the top 20, including London, Tokyo and Rome, with the English capital ranking poorly for its lack of affordability.

The research also shows that the cost of a night out can vary greatly depending on the location, with Mumbai, St Petersburg, Pretoria, Warsaw and Prague named as some of the cheapest destinations.

A trend was also found in the research, as the majority of countries had their second cities rank higher than their capitals, with Hamburg and Pretoria beating Berlin and Johannesburg.

This may in fact be down to size, with smaller cities seen as more compact and convenient for a one-off night out when compared to some of the vast capitals.

Marek Mossakowski, Global Head of Brand at Hostelworld, believes the study highlights the desire of young travellers to venture off the beaten track and try new experiences.

“The results of this study have been fascinating, especially the performance of smaller cities – most notably with Hamburg taking top spot over Berlin,” said Mr Mossakowski.

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Date Created: 12 December 2017

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