What gadgets can make your holiday road trip better?

The positives of a road trip easily out way the negatives, however those hours spent driving along the motorway with nothing to look at or spent stuck in traffic can soon add up.

Luckily there are gadgets out there than can have a huge impact on your journey. After all, any device that can make your road trip easier, more entertaining and safer for both you and your passengers is going to be worth it.

LED road flare

It may seem extreme, but if your car does end up breaking down at night, placing a bright flashing light on or near your car can be a great way to attract some help.

Unlike traditional road flares, these modern gadgets are safer, more effective, reusable and can flash for up to 60 hours.

Power invertor

Arguably the most useful gadget is one that allows you to charge all of your others. You can pick up a small one that can easily fit inside a glovebox and simply connects into your car’s lighter/power outlet.

This means you will be able to charge your smartphone, iPod or tablet while on the move. One thing to remember is that charging your items will drain your battery if you’re not moving, so make sure you run the engine periodically.

Wi-Fi hotspot

With everything now more connected than ever, finding yourself without a Wi-Fi connection can quickly become frustrating. You can pick up a portable Wi-FI hotspot that plugs straight into your power outlet/lighter, and then purchase a sim card with data access on to stay connected.


Getting lost is never good, particularly when you’re driving on unfamiliar roads at night, so it makes sense to travel with a Sat-Nav. You can pick one up relatively cheaply too, and most now come with alerts to increase your awareness and encourage safer driving.

If you’re setting off on a road trip, make sure you take our car rental insurance to ensure you are covered in case of an accident.

Date Created: 04 December 2017

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