New York named world’s most desirable travel destination

Buildins1New York is the world’s most desirable travel destination, fending off competition from Tokyo, Las Vegas and Paris in a new international survey. commissioned research which quizzed more than 8,400 travellers from 28 countries to find out the most desired destinations and hotels, and the Big Apple proved to be the most popular option.

The American city is expected to welcome 61.8 million visitors this year, an increase of just over 2% of the number recorded in 2015.

If this figure is reached, it would be the ninth year in a row that New York has broken its own tourism record.

London was named as the fifth most desirable destination, while the Scottish capital Edinburgh also featured, finishing in 38th place.

Unsurprisingly, The Ritz in Paris, The Plaza in New York and Burj Al Arab Jumeriah in Dubai were named as the three hotels where most travellers want to spend the night.

Just over 85% of respondents revealed that they have a travel wish list, while 22% admitted that they would be willing to pay more than £10,000 to tick everything off of it.

When it comes to activities while travelling, visiting popular tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls proved to be the most popular.

Moving abroad for a year to study or work, having a selfie at the top of a mountain and trying local street food are also activities travellers have placed on their travel lists.

Meanwhile the more adventurous travellers have set their sights on trekking through the Amazon jungle, going on an African safari and exploring the great Pyramid of Giza.

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Date Created: 22 November 2017

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