New bag tracking regulations to be imposed on airlines

Luggage1Airlines will soon face new luggage regulations in an attempt to reduce the amount of baggage lost during flights.

Almost 22 million items went missing last year, which costs the aviation industry $2.1 billion (c. £1.6 billion), resulting in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) implementing new regulations.

The new rules, set to be introduced in June 2018, will mean airlines are now required to track luggage at four critical points throughout the journey.

This will mean that airlines will be instantly made aware if a bag has been lost, rather than leaving it to passengers to report an issue when it fails to turn up at the collection point.

Once implemented, the new regulations could reduce lost baggage by 30% and it will ensure airlines share data on luggage between themselves.

Just under half of the luggage lost over the last 12 months happened during the transfer process when passengers changed flights, according to a study by aviation technology firm Sita.

Over 90% of the baggage lost during the transfer process was returned, however one in six pieces of luggage had damaged or stolen contents.

European airlines are seemingly worse at keeping track of passenger’s items, with eight bags per 1,000 passengers lost in the last year. This means travellers in Europe were four times more likely to lose their luggage than those in east Asia.

Despite this, worldwide mishandling is actually at a record low, with figures showing that losses have halved in the last ten years.

Rory Boland, Travel Editor of Which?, said: “Any steps to improve baggage tracking are very welcome, but we also want to see airlines do a better job of helping passengers whose bags have been lost.”

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Date Created: 14 November 2017

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