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Two out of five UK travellers book trips on smartphone

Smartphone1Smartphones are becoming the device of choice for travellers when booking a holiday, as research shows that it is the preferred option for two out of five Brits.

Nearly three in five UK travellers would be lost without their handset too, highlighting a growing dependence on technology.

Research from Travelport, also shows that 85% of travellers check peer-to-peer review sites, such as TripAdvisor, before booking a break.

More than 50% of British travellers will look to avoid booking a hotel if it charges for Wi-Fi, with the figure rising to 61% when looking at travellers across the world.

Of those aged between 18 and 24 years old, four out of five look at photos and videos posted by people on social media to determine where they should travel.

The research concludes that younger travellers tend to be more dependent on advice from others when it comes to choosing a holiday location.

Despite looking to social media and review websites for guidance, younger travellers have revealed that they sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive, making them unsure of who to trust.

In contrast, older travellers revealed that they spend less time researching a holiday and would be more than happy booking a break based on past experiences.

The average British traveller uses 14 different smartphone apps while away on holiday, with weather and maps proving to be the most popular.

Even though British travellers have a proven thirst for digital travel, they are still well behind the world’s leading countries.

In the world’s first Digital Traveller Rankings, the UK is named in 17th position, some distance behind India and China in first and second place, respectively.

Travelport concluded: “The Indians are the world champions of digital travel. They clearly love the convenience of their smartphones and use them often, from booking a trip to boarding a plane with a digital boarding pass.”

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Date Created: 09 November 2017

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