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Men most likely to book rental car for family holiday

Men1Men are most likely to book the rental car for their family break, according to a new survey which looked at the roles men and women take up when planning a holiday.

According to the survey, commissioned by Airport Parking and Hotels (APH), men are more likely to purchase the foreign currency, secure airport parking and organise the rental car.

Women were found to be responsible for finding last minute holiday essentials, arranging excursions while abroad and making sure everyone has their passport.

The findings also show that women are also more likely to take on the responsibility of organising family travel insurance.

Spokesman for APH, Nick Caunter, said: “There’s lots to think about when booking a holiday – much more than sorting the flights and accommodation. The research suggests there are particular tasks men are more inclined to do and one’s women have a tendency to sort.”

Interestingly, the survey – which sought the opinion of 2,000 adults – found that 66% of men feel as though they do the most organising for the family holiday, as opposed to 72% of women.

When it comes to planning an escape, both men and women get together to decide on where to go and what the budget should be.

One third of respondents revealed that they had fallen out with their partner when organising a family escape.

Around 70% of women find remembering everything for their holiday to be a stressful experience, as opposed to just over half of men.

More than three quarters have had to turn around and head home or back to the hotel because they forgot something.

The study concluded that males and females tend to carry out particular tasks because they are suited to particular strengths or interests.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, be sure to organise your family travel insurance in advance. Meanwhile if you’re planning on hiring a vehicle, get a quote for car hire excess insurance and see if you could save. 

Date Created: 06 November 2017

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