Travellers find fitting in all must do activities to be a big challenge

Rome1Eight out of 10 travellers have revealed that fitting in all the ‘must-do’ activities on holiday can prove to be one of the biggest travel-related challenges.

The findings come from Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Instant Insider survey, which looked at the mind-set of travellers when they visit a new destination but only have a limited length of time to explore.

Just under 65% of respondents revealed that they sometimes do not know the best places to visit, while 61% said they felt pressure to try and fit everything in.

Doing similar things to the locals is what 78% of travellers want to do when they visit a new city, however if they are pressed for time, 67% would prioritise visiting tourist sites over local places.

Steve Short, Vice President at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, believes travellers want to experience everything they can, but are under greater time constraints then they have been previously.

A massive 93% of people revealed that they enjoy their holiday more when they leave time to experience everything they discover, instead of just what they plan in advance.

Although it appears that planning a holiday can make for a better experience, under half of those surveyed stated that they do not regularly create an itinerary for their trips.

Over 75% of travellers check the weather before flying, whilst 68% search the internet for things to do at their destination.

Before a trip, 60% of travellers ask their friends and family for advice on where they should go, with 53% of individuals preferring to ask hotel staff when they get there.

Those surveyed were also asked to describe their travel style, with just 12% saying they are ‘solo travellers’, whilst 28% described themselves as ‘romantic travellers’.

Just over 60% say that they travel for leisure several times a year, although 56% revealed that they like to visit tourist attractions but try and avoid looking like a tourist.

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Date Created: 31 October 2017

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