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Business travellers find journey to their destination challenging

Boot1Despite the majority of business travellers saying that seeing the world is the best part of their job, many see the journey to their destinations as the biggest challenge in their role.

A study from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Foundation and travel reservation company Sabre found that 62% of business travellers find the journey to their destination and business meetings to be the hardest part of their job.

Just over 45% of respondents found layovers to be one of the biggest hurdles when travelling for business, whilst 42% find having to change their train or flight during a trip to be annoying.

Other irritations revealed by business travellers include having to prepare expenses reports, being out of the office all the time and having to change a hotel reservation during the trip.

The survey also asked business travellers to reveal their favourite perks that come with business travel, with convenient and comfortable hotels topping the list, closely followed by nonstop flights, paid time off and booking flexibility.

Some of the services that business travellers are likely to purchase on the road include, high-speed internet, early boarding and seat upgrades.

Just under 80% of respondents claim that their job satisfaction is influenced by their travel experience, and a similar amount agree that the quality of travel can have an impact on the results of business.

Michael McCormick, GBTA’s Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, said: “Ultimately those who travel want to save time when possible, be productive, and have a pleasant experience while accomplishing their business goals.”

The survey concluded that a greater understanding of the difficulties that business travellers can face can help organisations provide the right resources to help them.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, be sure to organise your business travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 30 October 2017

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