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How can you disconnect whilst away on holiday?

Holidays are meant to be a time to get away from work and everyday life, however a new study has found many of us struggle to really switch off on our breaks.

Hayes and Jarvis discovered that it takes two full days for Brits to fully switch off from their work roles, while 30% of those quizzed revealed that they had a holiday ruined because of their job.

As a result, it makes sense to think about how you are properly going to disconnect when you’re on holiday, so we’ve put together a few tips.

Let people know you’re away

This may seem obvious, but letting all of your colleagues and family members know that you’re heading off on holiday will mean that you don’t feel obliged to reply to any messages or emails, and they won’t be expecting a quick response.

Put your out of office on your work email and tie off any ongoing conversations by letting them know when you’re back and if they have any issues which colleague can help – you might find that the peace of mind can help you detach yourself a little bit.

Plan ahead

It goes without saying that if you’re busy doing things, it is much less likely that you will get tempted to check your emails or reply to a few phone calls. Planning some activities in advance can be a great way to ensure you aren’t at a loose end looking for something to do.

Another way to get away from it all is to rent a car and explore your destination – by hiring, you can give yourself a bit more freedom than with public transport and make a day of it.

If you do decide to hire, you may also want to consider additional insurance to cover for any eventuality – get a quote for car hire excess before you travel for a stress free holiday.

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t want things to be regimented when you’re away, as the best trips allow for plenty of free space to grab a drink or take in a nice view. 

Date Created: 16 October 2017

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