American Airlines fleet to undergo multi billion dollar revamp

American1American Airlines, one of the world’s leading commercial airlines, is set to revamp its fleet in a multi-billion-dollar upgrade project.

Bosses at the airline have described it as the 'largest modernisation project in aviation history', and it will see upgrades rolled out across 550 planes.

New seats, Wi-FI, interiors and in-seat power will all be implanted through the upgrades, which will see passengers enjoy more space, technology and greater comfort.

As well as increased comfort, passengers will soon have access to a huge library of TV shows, videos and stored content to enjoy while travelling.

Passengers are also set to be able to use in-flight text messaging – which works alongside Apple’s IMessanger – to keep in contact with loved ones.

American Airlines began introducing around 500 new aircraft into its fleet in 2013, and is set to take delivery of the Boeing 737 MAX in 2017.

Those in premium economy or business class will also have access to a number of sleep-inducing products thanks to a partnership with Casper, the sleep company.

Engineers from Casper studied the environment within an American Airline plane to understand the challenges facing those looking to sleep when travelling.

Following the research, the company created a range of new products, including a mattress pad, day blanket, pajamas and slippers, pillow and duvet, all designed to improve passenger’s in-air comfort.

The airline serves half a million passengers a day to 350 destinations around the world, making it the largest in the world by passengers flown.

US citizens continue to be the frequent fliers in the world, with 810 million people flying on US passports in 2016, which equates to 21% of all passengers worldwide, according to a new IATA World Air Transport Statistics report.

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Date Created: 11 October 2017

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