Drop in long haul holiday costs means cheaper travel for Brits

JapanUK travellers could pay up to a third less at long-haul destinations, as prices at shops, restaurants and bars have plummeted, a new report claims.

The tenth annual Post Office Travel Money long-haul holiday report, complied with Travelbag, shows that Tokyo is now the cheapest long-haul destination for Brits, overtaking Cape Town for the first time.

Prices in the Japanese capital are around 23% lower than they were a year ago, with a basket of ten essential purchases, including meals and drinks, adding up to less than £50.

Previously regarded as one of the most expensive cities in the world, the cost of holiday essentials has dropped by almost 60% since 2012, making it the cheapest destination out of the 30 studied.

Costs in Tokyo were a third of those in Rio de Janeiro, the most expensive destination, where the same items totalled £160.

The biggest price drops over the past 12 months were found in Antigua, St Lucia and Jamaica, with prices for UK travellers found to be as much as 27% cheaper than they were a year ago.

Despite a number of cheaper long-haul destinations, prices were found to have skyrocketed in South America, with the cost of tourist essentials rising by 27% in Santiago, Chile, while costs in Lima, Peru grew by a massive 54%.

Substantial price increases over the past year were also found in Mauritius (37%), Cancun (30%) and Phuket (17%).

Andrew Brown, Head of Post Office Travel Money, believes it is more important than ever for travellers planning winter sun holidays to do their research and pick a destination where holiday essentials are cheap.

The latest booking trends from Travelbag, show that bookings to St Lucia, Jamaica and Japan are on the rise throughout the winter months.

Bookings for Jamaica have increased by more than 60% when compared with a year ago, coinciding with a drop in the price of holiday essentials.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, be sure to organise your long-haul travel insurance in advance 

Date Created: 19 September 2017

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