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UK travellers struggle to stop working on holiday

Phone1UK travellers are workaholics, according to a new study, which has revealed that almost a third of British people struggle to switch off from their job while on holiday.

The study was commissioned by Hayes and Jarvis – a luxury worldwide holiday specialist – and found that 32% of British travellers feel stressed on their holidays due to work.

On average, it takes two full days for Brits to fully switch off from their work roles, while a massive 30% of respondents revealed that they had a holiday ruined because of their job.

A third of women find it difficult to relax when away if there are problems at work, compared to less than a quarter of men.

Technology is a huge factor, with many admitting to finding it difficult to stay away from their mobile phones – a third check their work emails while away and just under half of people check their social media and personal emails.

A spokesman from Hayes and Jarvis commented: “We are a nation that often finds it hard to de-stress and unwind from our day-to-day stresses, and a holiday should be the perfect time to take yourself away from this to connect with yourself, friends and loved ones.”

In order to help travellers, Robin Harrie, a mindset coach and stress strategist, believes creating a specific, but flexible itinerary can help alleviate any temptation to look at emails or answer work related calls.

Visits to specific attractions or beauty spots, rather than lounging by the hotel pool can be a great way to switch off as well.

Alternatively, more than 45% of travellers believe that taking part in activities such as meditation and yoga can help ensure they stay relaxed when away.

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Date Created: 15 September 2017

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