Quarter of Brits cant imagine a holiday without alcohol

Bottle1More than a quarter of British travellers cannot imagine enjoying a holiday without alcohol, according to new research from Kayak.

Of 2,001 UK holidaymakers surveyed who had travelled in the last two years, 28% said they would struggle to have a good time on a trip without a drink.

More than 65% of respondents revealed that they had drank more than they usually would whilst away, and even admitted to starting bright and early in the morning.

Just over 1,610 respondents admitted to enjoying alcoholic drinks during their vacation, with 60% claiming it helps them relax.

Enjoying a holiday goes hand in hand with drinking, according to 58% of respondents, whilst 33% said that their holiday was made much more enjoyable when drinking.

The survey also showed that holidaymakers change their drinking habits whilst on their travels, with 37% willing to give up their regular orders so they can try local drinks.

More than 10% also said that they had a special holiday drink that they like to order specifically when they are away on holiday.

As well as increasing the amount they drink, British travellers were also found to be a lot more relaxed about when it’s okay to start drinking, with 22% stating that they begin before even boarding the plane.

Over 90% of people also revealed that they had consumed at least one alcoholic drink within the first 24 hours of their break.

The consequences of more drinking were also touched on in the survey, with 7% revealing that more alcohol had resulted in them hurting themselves.

Interestingly, 6% forgot where their hotel was located, whilst 5% ended up losing their personal belongings such as wallets, room keys and phones.

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Date Created: 11 September 2017

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