Over packing costs British travellers 619 million pounds in excess luggage fees

Bag1Poor packing habits are costing British travellers more than half a billion pounds in excess baggage charges, according to new research from MyVoucherCodes.

The study revealed that excessive toiletries (36%) and books (27%) are the most common items that travellers seemingly cannot live without.

Shoes, waterproof jackets and hoodies are also items that are packed but end up costing traveller’s extra money.

Surprisingly, 83% of respondents revealed that they don’t even use the additional items they have paid extra for whilst away.

Despite travellers willing to pay excess fees so they don’t have to part with their possessions, 15% of respondents revealed that they had tried to wear as many items as possible from their luggage to avoid forking out more money.

Around 6% have thrown items of clothing away in order to avoid charges, whilst 5% have asked a family member to accompany them to the airport so they can take any excess items home with them.

The survey also looked at how men and women pack their bags ahead of their holidays, with 71% of men opting to fold their clothes, whilst 34% of women roll their clothes up.

Men also prefer to pack the night before a flight, whilst women opt to be more organised, with 43% revealing they write a list before packing a few days ahead of their flight.

Just over 10% of travellers fail to check the weather before packing their suitcase, whilst 6% do not even check the facilities on offer at their destination beforehand.

Chris Reilly, Managing Director of MyVoucherCodes, believes travellers should do their research before travelling to ensure they don’t end up getting any nasty surprises at the airport, or even when they get to their destination.

The average flight carrier allows for 20kg of hold luggage, however some allow up to 22kg, so it always pays to do some research beforehand to ensure you avoid any excess costs.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, be sure to organise your specialist travel insurance in advance

Date Created: 07 September 2017

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