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Millennials travelling more for business than older colleagues

Old1Millennials are travelling more for business than their older colleagues, with 38% of 18 to 34-year-olds spending between five and six hours on trips a week, according to new research from Europcar.

Just over 35% of 34 to 44-year-olds spent same amount of time travelling a week, whilst that number dropped to 15% for 45 to 54-year-olds.

The average amount of time business travellers spent on trips a week across all age groups was three to four hours, however millennials once again represented the highest proportion, accounting for 41%.

Travel has become somewhat of a lifestyle for millennials, with nearly a quarter combining a business trip with one for leisure.

Improvements in connectivity, such as WiFi and mobile data, means business travellers can now be much more efficient while on their trip, allowing them to shorten their journeys.

WiFi connectivity was found to be the most desirable add-on for all millennial business travellers, with 82% making it their top priority when planning a trip.

Gary Smith, Managing Director, Europcar UK Group, believes it is interesting to see a growing generation gap in business travellers when it comes to things like connectivity.

In terms of priorities whilst travelling, free breakfast was found to the second most desirable, closely followed by free parking.

However, the research also shows that millennial business travellers are much less interested in travel-related benefits, such as upgrades, when compared with those aged 45 and over.

It also seems that modern business travellers are much more carefree, with more than a third making arrangements for their journey just one day before they travel.

The main reason for travelling continues to be for face to face meetings, with 38% of respondents valuing the opportunity to meet clients and suppliers in person, rather than via video conference services.

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Date Created: 04 September 2017

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