Prague named best value city for culture hunters

Prague1Prague has been named as the best value destination for travellers who are eager to take in culture by a new report from the Post Office.

The Post Office’s annual Cost of Culture report looked at the costs for UK travellers visiting music and dance performances, heritage sites, galleries and museums in 16 popular destinations.

Findings were based on adding up the cost of a ticket to a heritage site, art gallery, museum, classical concert, ballet recital and the opera.

Prague was found to represent the best value, with the total cost adding up to £93.58, a 26% drop on the number recorded last year.

Warsaw also represents exceptional value to traveller’s eager to take in some culture, with the cost to visit the attractions in the area just £93.97.

Both Moscow and Rome were the other destinations which have become cheaper for UK tourists, with costs adding up to £125.38 and £222.87 respectively.

London finished 12th in the survey, as taking in all of the main sights cost a total of £282.30, which is an increase of 10.5% on last year’s figure.

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive destination was found to be New York, which would cost a UK traveller a massive £342.26 to visit the six cultural sites.

Following the Big Apple, Barcelona and Madrid were the second and third most expensive, with travellers needing more than £300 to visit attractions in the two Spanish cities.

Andrew Brown, Head of Travel Money at the Post Office, believes more UK travellers are enjoying city breaks than any other type of holiday.

“Travellers looking for good value can save hundreds of pounds by doing their homework before booking and swapping expensive cities for cheaper ones,” said Mr Brown.

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Date Created: 22 August 2017

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