Cyprus on track for most successful year in tourism

Cyprus1The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) has revealed that this year is set to be the most successful on record for global tourist arrivals.

From the beginning of this year to June, global tourist arrivals reached 1,463,206 – an increase of 16.6% on the 1,255,240 recorded in the same period in 2016.

If, as expected, the trend continues then Cyprus will see another record-breaking year for tourism, improving on the two million travellers that arrived last year.

British travellers were responsible for 27.5% of the global tourism arrivals into the country, falling just behind Russia as Cyprus’ biggest source market.

The majority of visitors to Cyprus arrived for a holiday, whilst 10.3% indicated that they had made the journey to meet friends and relatives and 3.5% travelled for business.

More than half of the visitors to Cyprus – which is the third largest island in the Mediterranean – were aged between 20-44 years old.

Tourists are attracted to the island because of its all-year-round weather and the wide range of activities on offer, including cycling, scuba diving, trekking and golf.

Orestis Rossides, UK director of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, said: “We are proud to have welcomed a record-breaking number of tourists this year and hope visitors will continue to be drawn to our beautiful country throughout the rest of the year.”

Cyprus boasts one of the warmest winters in Europe, which makes it a hugely attractive option for British traveller’s eager to get away from the bad weather at home.

The island has struggled financially in the last ten years; however the tourism sector has continued to thrive and brings a much-needed boost to the economy.

Cyrpus’ Interior Minister, Constantinos Petrides, believes there is room to increase the level of incoming tourism and has set out to improve the islands infrastructure so travellers get the best possible experience.

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Date Created: 21 August 2017

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