Thailand is cheapest destination for a 500 pound budget


British travellers could spend six weeks in Thailand with just £500 worth of spending money, according to research from Travelex.

The results, which are based on how long £500 could last whilst spending money on public transport, food and drink, mean that Thailand is the cheapest destination for those travelling on a budget, with travellers able to stay for 44 days.

Just under £11.50 is enough to cover food, drink and travel in Thailand for a day, which represents exceptional value for British travellers.

Mexico was found to be the second cheapest destination, with £500 able to stretch for 26 days – an 18-day shorter stay than in Thailand.

Around £20 is enough money for the daily essentials in Mexico, Jamaica and various other parts of Europe, including Hungary, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

Interestingly, British travellers would need no less than £30 a day to cover all the costs in Portugal, which was recently named as the cheapest summer holiday destination in a report by the Post Office.

If cost is not an issue, then Norway and Switzerland might appeal, as around £90 a day would be required for essential spending, meaning a £500 budget would only stretch for six days.

Other expensive destinations include Denmark, Belgium and The Netherlands, where £500 will only last for a seven or eight-night holiday.

Eastern European countries were found to offer the cheapest beverages, with a coffee in Bulgaria costing just 95p whilst, in contrast, a coffee in Denmark would cost around £4.

The most expensive beer can be brought in the United Arab Emirates, setting a traveller back an eye-watering £9.

The report highlights how it is not just flights and accommodation that make a trip represent good value, as researching the cost of essential items can help ensure you stick to your budget.

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Date Created: 16 August 2017

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