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Cheapest destinations for long haul city break revealed

NightTime1Bangkok, Tokyo and Beijing provide the most affordable options for Brits looking for long-haul city breaks, according to data from the Post Office.

The figures also show that British travellers should avoid North America if they want to keep costs down.

The survey included the total cost of 11 holiday purchases, including four-star accommodation, sightseeing excursions, airport transfers and meals.

It would cost a British traveller £317 to have a city break in Bangkok, predominantly as accommodation is so cheap – this makes it a regular hotspot for backpackers looking to explore too.

This is £14 less than it would cost for the same items in Tokyo, which is gradually becoming a viable option for Brits looking for a low-cost city break.

The food in the Japanese capital was found to be the cheapest of all the 10 destinations, with a three-course meal for two costing just under £34 on average.

Beijing was next on the list, costing travellers just £337 for a trip, which was substantially cheaper than the next three destinations (Dubai, Cape Town and Singapore).

Andrew Brown, of Post Office Travel Money, believes that city breaks in the Far East are proving to provide unbeatable value this year, although he urged travellers to do their research before booking.

Mr Brown said: “Compare meal and drink prices as these are costs that tourists cannot avoid on a city-break trip and over the course of a three-day stay they will soon mount up.”

North American destinations were found to be the four most expensive, with Boston costing £823 for a stay – largely due to the high accommodation costs.

Washington DC emerged as the cheapest American destination due to reasonably priced accommodation, with a three-night stay costing £382.

Toronto and New York were the eighth and ninth most affordable, costing travellers £612 and £711 respectively.

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Date Created: 08 August 2017

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