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Holidaymakers reveal the most annoying habits when flying

Airplane1Unruly kids and drunk passengers are two of the most annoying things when flying, according to holidaymakers in a survey from GoCompare.

The new survey looked at UK traveller’s biggest in-flight irritations, and quizzed more than 1,300 adults who had flown abroad in the last five years.

Over 55% of respondents revealed that they think having the back of your seat kicked is the most annoying thing whilst flying.

Sitting next to someone with bad personal hygiene and drunk passengers were found to be the joint second most irritating experience.

Unruly or crying children were found to be annoying by 46% of respondents, while having to pay for expensive food and drinks irritates 35% of travellers.

Other annoyances include rude cabin crew, travellers who hog the armrest and noise from other passengers’ headphones and mobile devices.

Despite a long list of annoyances, it seems that travellers are becoming more tolerant than they were previously.

GoCompare conducted the same survey in 2013, and a massive 74% thought having the back of their seat kicked was the most annoying experience whilst flying – just under 20% more than in this year’s study.

Just over 60% of respondents found unruly and crying children to be a significant annoyance in 2013, whilst that number dropped by 14% this year.

Martyn John, from GoCompare Travel commented: “Over time we’ve found people’s annoyance levels have dropped significantly, so perhaps we’re gradually learning not to sweat the small stuff when we're on our holidays, or showing a little more regard for other people when flying.”

A number of airlines have carried record numbers of passengers in recent years, with more than 63 million people choosing to travel on easyJet alone in 2016, according to the Civil Aviation Authority.

The 16 airlines operating in Britain accounted for 142 million travellers during 2016, with easyJet and British Airways responsible for 73% of that number.

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Date Created: 07 August 2017

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