Japan launches new luxury train to boost tourism

Bird1Visitors to Japan will now be able to travel along a scenic stretch of the country’s Pacific coast thanks to the introduction of a new luxury train.

The Royal Express will travel south from Yokohama along the Pacific coast and end up in Shimoda, a city located 180km away.

From station to station, the journey will take approximately three hours and offer travellers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean along the way.

Seating up to 100 passengers, the Royal Express boasts a dining cart, a children’s cart fitted with a ball pit and also has an events carriage that is able to host wedding ceremonies and other functions.

There are a series of packages available for travellers, with the most expensive costing around $1,800, which includes a round-trip journey plus a one-night stay in a hotel suite.

The introduction of the new luxury train is part of Japan’s national strategy to attract more international tourists, as it prepares to host the 2020 Olympics.

In line with this, Japan’s national parks will now be connected with Wi-Fi so visitor centres can provide more information to international travellers.

The country’s Environment Ministry is aiming to set up public wireless services at a number of parks across the country by the end of the 2017 financial year.

Free Wi-Fi will be made available in 63 visitor centres to allow travellers to learn more about the area and local wildlife.

Multilingual exhibits and translation software will also be introduced in centres across the country to further enhance their ability to appeal to overseas travellers.

In April this year, Japan attracted 2,578,970 visitors, with 37,157 coming for the UK, according to figures from the Japanese National Tourism Organisation.

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Date Created: 26 July 2017

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